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Friday, July 24, 2009

addicted to the iphone 3g & twitter...

it's been some time since my last post. i've been pre-occupied with work and home much. i know i've mentioned before that i'd be adding more stuff to trove and i apologize to everyone for not having done it yet. photos of items has been taken, just haven't been able to upload them yet. will get to that soonest.

i'm actually supposed to be sleeping at the moment cos i have an early morning tomorrow what with sending my little bros to school and all. honestly, i'm definitely not a morning person. never have been really. i think i do my best work at night, the wee hours of the morning. LOL!

anyone out there gotten the iphone 3g (or 3gs) yet? if you have, you'll understand how addictive it can be especially with the thousands of *free* apps in the app store and those web apps too. since i can't sleep, i thought i'd blog a little on it and well, share my must have apps here with everyone.

BatteryStatus by iPhone Wizards
After testing out a few other free battery status app (don't really understand why we needed to download a separate app to check battery levels in the first place), I find that this has the best interface. It not only let's you know the current battery level (5% sensitivity) but also estimated remaining time for several main activities of the iPhone. - Dictionary & Thesaurus by
Having been a frequent user of, this was definitely a must have app for me. Both dictionary and thesaurus functions can be really helpful. It also comes with audio for word pronounciation guide.

AppMiner (Save $$) by Bitrino, Inc
Wonderful app! Helps you get updated on the newest apps on the block as well as apps on sale. Conveniently categorized and you can filter to see paid apps or free apps only. No more browsing manually through the App Store for the apps you're looking for. Also tells you Top Rated apps and allows to Watch apps you like (in case there's a sale!). Other options are PandoraBox and Store-Extender. Actually I've got both AppMiner and Store-Extender on my iPhone but somehow I can't view Most Recent apps on Store-Extender. AppMiner works perfect except it isn't store sensitive (i.e. checks US store so some apps can't be downloaded from the Malaysian store). The thing I didn't quite like with PandoraBox is it lacks the categorization feature. But it's a good app nonetheless.

now let's move on to my fave apps. mind you, i only download free apps (or at least they were free when i downloaded them *grins*). LOL!!!

TwitterFon by naan studio, Inc.
Despite it's lack in URL shortening capabilities (available in the Pro version), I love this app for it's simple, straight forward functionalities. The app allows you to do all the basic Twitter functions like posting a tweet, replying to tweets, upload photos to TwitPic, send your location, retweeting, viewing user timelines and manage your follower lists. I've tried Twitterrific but I didn't quite meshed with it (despite it having URL shortening). I always seem to get errors updating tweets and checking out links and stuff.

Facebook by Facebook
The app let's you do a lot of the basic functions you normally use in the web version but there are some bugs in it still. I have no problems reading my inbox for messages sent by individuals but when it comes to messages from groups, I get shown a blank screen with the reply bubble. Also when I tap on notifications of responses to my wall post/status, I'm taken to the respondent's profile instead of the wall post/status page. Having said that, it's still a must have app on my iPhone. :) Having this app is so much easier than having to load FB from Safari (i.e. browser).

Wikipanion by Robert Chin
By far the best free wikipedia app for the iPhone. Being a fan of wikipedia for it's up-to-date information and open source nature, downloading this app was a no brainer. Only problem was when searching for a keyword that isn't in the database, it gives a blank page instead of page suggestions like the online version has.

iQuran & iPray by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd
I love the fact that not only does this app have the entire Quran surahs and verses, it also has the translation of the verses as well as downloadable audio for all of the surahs. However, the free version only allows 3 bookmarks.
As for iPray, it is a great guide to prayer times which you can set to whichever timezone and area you are. It also uses the GPS in-built on the iPhone to determine the qiblat location wherever you are.

Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 by Tapulous
The best game in the App Store by far. If you're a fan of O2 Jam, Guitar Hero, DDR and the likes, this is a must download game. I love the fact that there are tons of free tracks available to download and new tracks almost every week.

Frozen Lexicon (Free) by Amplified Games, Inc.
For someone who loves word games, this app is such a treat! The game play is similar to Text Twist but with a slight difference (i.e. Avalanche Challenge).

well, basically those are my top apps at the moment. i know. i spend way too much time messing around with my phone. what can i say? new apps are uploaded to the app store everyday. not to mention apps that go on sale for brief periods of time. haha.

believe it or not i've been bitten by the twitterbug. *and so has my youngest bro* what's so fun about twitter? for me, it's following celebs and other news tweets (staronline, eonline, peoplemag, etc). most of the time celebs don't respond to fan tweets but i imagine it's cos they're pretty much bombarded with tweets. *haha* i think twitter is perfect for me cos sometimes i don't really want to say much just random stuff and the 140 character allocation per tweet is perfect for that! lol!! plus it's super quick!

hurm. lately i've been experiencing some problems with my itunes. i can't seem to close it. i mean, i can shut the application but a few seconds later it re-emerges. no one seems to have an answer to that. i wonder...

there's just so many things i want to do but i feel like i'm already doing too many things (my stuff and other people's stuff inclusive) at the moment. i need a break. i need to slow down and take a breather i think. hopefully the whole H1N1 pandemic simmers down next year so i can go and take a much needed vacation. i feel so deprived. *haha* thank goodness for the internet or i'd be bored silly. i just love the internet (and gadgets and computers). *smile*