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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Love Of A Mother

Hello everyone.  Happy Valentine's Day.  These days V-Day isn't just celebrated by couples in love but is made to be a celebration of love in general despite it's history.  I came across this photo less than a month ago and thought it was just super duper sweet and showcases the love of a mother towards her child.

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Although not all mothers are skilled seamstresses, this one was.  Imagine the effort and attention to detail this mother had to transform her child's drawings into actual dollies.  What a gem.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simple Yet Efficient Organizers

I love things that help you organize.  I love when everything has its place.  Sometimes, there are simple solutions that are not only inexpensive, but efficient in decluttering.

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Now why didn't I think of this?  It doesn't get any simpler than this.  Those black document clips can double up as a cable holder too.  If you're concern the clip will dent the furniture, stick a thin foam to the pressure points to protect your table.  The original post (link here) has more interesting ideas. tips and simple solutions for household related matters.

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If you have lots of ribbons, you'll know what a pain it is to store because it unravels easily and you end up with a tangled mess.  This wonderful idea from Storage | Glee (link here - Check out the blog for more interesting storage ideas) is perfect!  Find a plastic tray that can hold your ribbons (make sure the tray/basket has holes on the sides) and arrange your ribbons nicely in it.  Slot the ends of each ribbon through an individual hole and voila, you are done.  This way you can easily pull out any of the ribbons through the hole (everything stays in place) and cut your desired length.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Need Help With Portion Control?

A dieter's dream?  The best way to diet is not to refrain from eating or punish yourself by not eating food you love that is "bad" for you.  All things are fine, in moderation.

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I'm not sure if and where this portion control tray is available but I've got to say that sure is helpful.  I wouldn't necessary say this is an essential tool but it does make it easier to estimate how much food should be eaten.  Another alternative is to eat with those food trays we used to have when we were kids (or at least we had it in our household) that had a few different compartments for your mains and side dishes.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Awesome Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry, especially costume/fashion jewelry, helps complete an outfit and most girls have their own collection be it big or small.  I would say my stash lies somewhere in the middle and for the moment, I have them in individual slots in my document drawer tower.  I am however still thinking of another way to store them and at the same time make it even more visible and accessible to me so that I'd wear them more.

When I saw this organizing idea on pinterest, I thought it was interesting and well, genius!

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Doesn't that look beautiful?  So neatly organized and all that is are several cutlery trays (wooden and painted white I assume) attached to the wall one on top of the other with hooks screwed in at the top of each vertical slot to hang necklaces and earrings.  The horizontal slot works well to store bangles and bracelets as well as rings.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Corner Drawers FTW

When you have L- or U-shaped (or any other angle with right corners) cabinets, those corners can be a little tricky to design.  These days though, there are many solutions and options to choose from to deal with these pesky corners.  There are pull or swivel out steel frames and of course there's the regular static shelving that requires some limber moves to reach items placed far deep.

Then there are corner drawers:

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The drawers may be oddly shaped but utilizes the corner space a lot more than those steel frames in my opinion.  Plus, things that you put in them are far more easily accessible than conventional shelves (and they're pulled out towards you -- no more rummaging in darkness).  For me, the problem with steel frames is that you can't put too much weight on them or they'll get lopsided and squeaky, especially the swivel kind.  Drawers on the other hand, if fitted properly with the right hardware, can take on heavier loads and you've got to admit drawers are much easier to organize too.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Spot For The Family

For me, family bonding time, spending time with the family is high up my priority list.  I saw this gorgeous family space set up recently and loved the idea.

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This square family room sofa with plush cushions makes for a beautiful place for chit chatting and catching up be it with family, friends or guests.  This would also work nicely as a chillaxing area to just curl up and immerse yourself in a good read.  The photo above shows a very Middle Eastern inspired deco with the area having a sort of sunken position.