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Thursday, April 30, 2009

i like drugs...

i found it rather hilarious to hear my youngest brother had gotten detention yesterday. *haha* he's no trouble maker by any means. in fact he's quite the opposite actually. just a little too smart for his own good i'd say.

apparently, during science class he'd said to the teacher "i like drugs" and that must've really caught the poor teacher off guard. he likes to tease. knowing him like i do, a statement such as that wasn't as alarming to me as it was to the teacher. the drugs he was referring to is actually prescription drugs, i.e. medicine. *haha* i suppose the word drugs in itself can cause quite a stir just because of the rampant misuse of drugs by irresponsible parties.

from his stand point, drugs are good. think about it. the entire conventional modern medical system incorporates the usage of drugs. of course there are alternative medicine that uses herbs and other traditional remedies.

i'm not in any way saying that things like these should be taken lightly. drugs are always meant to be used to alleviate symptoms and pain when struck with illness and diseases. it is the misuse of these medications that are worrying the masses. *haha*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

biggest loser aftermath..

my mum and i have been glued to the tv every 6.30-8pm weekdays just to watch the biggest loser. prolly at this point the only show we watch almost diligently apart from the rtm drama dari mata arisa at 11am-12pm. *fortunately the drama is available on both rtm's website and youtube. haha!*

having been inspired by the fruits of proper diet and exercise from the biggest loser show, it got me thinking about all the things that actually contribute to weight gain for most of the population. made me hunger *excuse the pun* for more info on leading a healthier lifestyle. having my track record, weight has always been a problem for me. when i was little and at another point in my life, i could eat fast food and fizzy drinks almost everyday and not gain weight. but for the majority of my adult life, i've been struggling with squeezing in those essential work outs on a regular basis. i do get food cravings every now and again but for the most part, i eat more healthier home cooked meals these days.

anyways, i've had a listen to one of jillian michaels radio shows and while promoting interesting facts from her new book "master your metabolism", something rather interesting hit me. how even products we use like facial cleansers, toners, moisturisers, lotions, bodywash, etc contain a whole bunch of toxins that pollute our bodies and mess up our hormones. so our hormones aren't functioning properly and it contributes to the dreaded weight gain despite all our efforts. one of the things she highlighted was to stay away from products containing parabens (propyl-, methyl-, butyl-, etc) because parabens that get absorbed into our bodies apparently have estrogen-like effects and too much estrogen in the body has been said to lead to certain types of cancer especially breast cancer. *gasp!*

it seems that organic is the new rage these days. and there's probably good reason for it too. should we all jump on the organic band wagon as well? price-wise organic & earth-friendly food and household products can be a bit pricey in comparison to regular stuff. but i suppose maybe we should take those baby steps and think about our long term health as well as of those who are dear to us.

while checking e-mail online just now, i stumbled on an ad that obviously caught my attention. i haven't quite gone through the link much yet but thought i'd share it with everyone. click here to check out smallstep for tips and ideas to a healthier lifestyle. *smile*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day... little steps to preservation...

i remember there was a time long long ago *during primary school* when i was in this "nature" phase. was into everything from the school's nature lovers' club to wwf. after realizing certain phobias of mine, i began shying away from those outdoorsy nature stuff. haha. to those who are passionate about it (nature), i salute you.

the fact that climate change is becoming increasingly apparent, the global population seems to be more aware of the global warming phenomenon which has been going on for quite some time in fact. the seasons are changing. the weather is not what it was. sea levels are rising. temperatures are outrageously high. i remember when i was a kid, the normal temperature during the day was around 27 degrees celcius and 20 degrees and below at night. these days however, while we still do get cooler nights as we have before, our days are a whole lot hotter. average day temperature is above 30 degrees celcius. the weather is no longer predictable. we used to forecast rainy and dry seasons just by putting the timeline up against the monsoon seasons. nowadays the line separating the two seems almost non-existent.

in conjunction with earth day, a lot of programs are carried out around the world to better educate the public on being green. people are going organic, recycling, saving energy, planting trees, protesting chopping down of trees in cities and stressing on the importance of forest preservation. some ideas on catching the "green" bug:
  • use energy saving bulbs -- they're friendly on your wallet and the environment
  • avoid printing emails unless necessary -- saving paper means saving trees
  • eat organic -- organic means less pesticide and toxins were used, a healthier choice for you and the planet
  • recycle -- if there are recycling bins or centres nearby, use them. some recycling centres even do house calls to pick up your recyclables. you may not earn much from recycling but it helps reduce the amount of trash dumped in landfills and dump centres
  • recreate new uses for old items -- get creative and create new stuff out of old items that you have at home. the possibilities are endless
  • composting -- this may not be for everyone but if you're curious, you can try googling it *wink*
  • use earth friendly aerosols -- check the can to see if the aerosol is cfc-free. cfc is one of the components breaking down the ozone layer
  • use less plastic & paper bags -- opt for a reusable shopping bag instead. most plastic bags are non-biodegradable and will take up to 1000 years to decompose
  • go biodegradable -- biodegradable products are earth-friendly. kudos to jusco for using biodegradable plastic bags *if you've notice, their plastic bags will crush and fray by itself if kept stored too long*
  • don't pollute -- this may be a bit hackneyed but important, whenever you can, make a conscious decision to avoid adding more pollutants to the environment. make sure vehicle engines are in good condition *not emitting black or white smoke*, throw rubbish in the designated bins and refrain from any open burning

those were just some ideas off the top of my head. honestly, i'll admit i'm not much into the earth-saving mode these days but i'll do my part whenever i can. saving the earth isn't about making those drastic changes like making your home a 'green home' with fancy earth-friendly contraptions. a little change can go a long way. so it's ok to start small.

if you're into saving forests and endangered species, get a wwf passport and look at ways you can help wwf's efforts to preserve our flora and fauna. help them in their campaigns from your own computer and make a difference across the globe.

happy earth day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

beep, beep -- i'm still around...

i always seem to feel i'm pressed for time. there's just so much to do and so little time to do them all. especially with my habit of biting off more than i can chew. haha. serves me right i suppose.

anyways, i've been shuttling myself everywhere!!! from home, to the office, then back home again, then sending and picking my little brothers up from school or kumon or tuition, running errands and stuff. my daily routine in itself is a severe balancing act. not that i'm complaining. but sometimes it can be overwhelming. whenever i can i'd steal some time off to myself. haha.

now with all the things that's going on, my travelling trips have taken a backseat. was going to enrol in another course at the academy *haha. another chance to go to kl* but decided against it due to unforeseen circumstances. but the course will be on regularly anyways so no worries there. then there's the already paid for bandung trip in july that i'm suppose to go with my mum and her officemates. she says i should go even though she won't be able to go with me. i don't know. it just won't be the same. hhmmm...

there's really not much going on these days to blog about. or maybe just to much of it. haha. well, off i go again to start reformatting my lil bro's laptop. huhu.