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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Wow. How time really flies. Spent the most part of my raya hols at home and in smc. Had a bunch of things i'd wanted to clear and sort through during the week long break i took but had to postpone it again due to unavoidable circumstances.

So here i still sit carrying out my shift at smc while mum rests before hving lunch. Speaking of lunch, what am i going to have for lunch? Haha!

Anyways, kinda bored at the moment. Spent the day yesterday watching a project runway marathon on discovery travel & living. Haha. An entire season in a day. Awesomeness. *smiles*

Thought about asking to bring my lappie ere but unfortunately there's no wifi in the hospital *duh!* and my wireless broadband reception is crap in this room. Haha. Fortunately i have my phone to entertain me and connect me to the world.

So many things going through my mind now to do. Need to allocate time for it cos i don't think time will be making space for me to get going with what i want to do. Haha.

Just downloaded this blogging app from the app store. Testing it out. And so far it looks promising. At least i'd be able to blog on the go as well. Haha. I'm already tweeting and facebooking on the go. In fact i find tweeting on my phone to be so much more convenient (and easier) than on my computer. Of course you don't get to see the pretty backgrounds other tweeters put a lot if effort into. *wink*

For anyone interested, nestle is giving away free les mills bodyjam and bodycombat vcds with their fitnesse with fruit cereals. I went and got mine yesterday morning but haven't had a chance to check 'em out yet. Will have a looksee once i get home. Hehe. Looks like i really don't need a gym membership anymore *$$ savings!!*

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Monday, September 21, 2009

selamat hari raya

just thought i'd give a quick shoutout to all the muslims out there. selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

aidilfitri (or idul fitr or eid il fitr) is a time of forgiveness and remembrance. it's the perfect bonding opportunity and starting anew with a clean slate. mending broken ties and relishing in amazing food.

although i must say, after 29 days of fasting, eating in the day kinda feels a bit foreign. add to that the fact that i'm terrified of gaining all (and more) the weight lost during that span of time. *cringe*

this raya is different than previous years. myself, my mum and eldest lil bro did no join the rest of the family to head back to our grandma's place but it's ok. it's been sooo long since i've celebrated or rather spent raya here. haha. technically we're not really celebrating. just spending time together at home. but it's a nice break. *smile*

so to everyone else, take this opportunity to truly appreciate the people around you and remember those who are no longer with you. embrace and renew friendships and relationships and throw away all those negativity out the window.

on a different note, i've added a link to my beauty blog on the sidebar.

have a beautiful raya guys! *hugs*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

finally a trip to somewhere...

ah yes, while my iphone syncs with my brand spanking freshly installed itunes 9 after an upgrade to os 3.1, i figured i should drop a note in my dear dear (almost) neglected blog. haha!

this year i've been pretty much grounded to dear ole kk city and cancelled my overseas travel *well, pretty much all travels* due to unforeseen circumstances. no matter. there'll always be other times to travel. but it really had a psychological and emotional impact on me. travelling to me was my way of unwinding *despite the hectic schedule that comes with travelling* and recharging myself.

although the destination wasn't anywhere quit that far nor does the travel require one to carry a passport, but it was nice to take a break *finally!* the circumstances of when i left was not what i'd consider desirable but one can only plan and does not control how to universe goes round.

our flight friday afternoon went on smoothly as scheduled and we arrived a wee bit earlier than expected. then off we went to break fast at seoul garden in ioi mall, puchong's new wing. i can't even remember the last time i was in ioi! haha.

yes.. you cook your own meal on the hot plate/soup bowl

my entree/appetizer

bits and pieces of food i picked up at the buffet spread

self-made abc.. you even scoop your own shaved ice!

haha.. an old childhood preference.. swirled mushed ice cream. yum!

well, basically the restaurant has a nice little buffet spread of mostly raw food *obviously since you're supposed to cook it at your table* and dessert. the food was nice but i wasn't too fond of the oil splattering that was going on with the hot plate. note to self: if ever there comes a time when i'd dine there in the future, remember to keep to fire as low as possible. haha!

after breaking fast, we wasted no time and went up to check out what was there. from the restaurant's entrance, looking up you are greeted with the oh-so-familiar signage for F.O.S. and although we were kinda on our way to check it out, I personally got sidetracked and almost ran into brands outlet instead which was right in front of the escalator. haha! was incredibly happy to say the least to find that they sold clothes that fit yours truly! *smiles* yay me! haha. first thing i grabbed was this simple long necklace with big red beads that costs a mere RM5 before proceeding to check out and try clothes. managed to find a pair of jeans, pants and a couple of work shirts that fit me just nice. ecstatic!

the following day we set out to midvalley. somehow everytime i'm in kl, i try to make my way there. i just love the place. it practically has everything! well, everything i need anyways. haha. *wishing we had jusco here.. sniff* kick started the shopping spree with looking for clothes for my lil bro and after about 10 pairs of jeans, we finally found the 3 that fit him best. *thank goodness* i was on the verge of giving up on the search at that point. got him a pair of nice black dress shoes and a good pair of slippers too. i made myself to the lower level to shop for more personal items and scout around looking for anything else that might catch my eye *and that i need*. was kinda rushing though. managed to get all the stuff in my list that i'd not listed as optional (including of course some optional items). i added more brushes to my makeup brush collection and bought snap hairclips *i'm hopeless. i only know where to find them in kl*.

we were supposed to head back in time for the bazaar ramadhan but the clothes hunt took too much time that we had to change our plans and break fast in midvalley. really wanted to get some nando's *yum* but was disappointed. never believe what you see. the place was pretty empty but apparently people could call in and make reservations. go figure. full house i tell ya! then we made our way to the chicken rice shop which looked equally deserted. again, the place was fully booked. no fair. needless to say all other eateries including the food court was packed and we ended up at pasta zanmai next to madam kwan's. interesting place. a japanese pasta restaurant. fusion much?!?

i had the unagi set.. unagi!!!

chicken teriyaki pizza.. how odd is the egg smacked in the middle of the dish?!?

the salad that came with the set was sick! totally in love with it.. the peanut infused dressing was awesome.. do try

after dinner we dropped by the lil japanese supermarket next door to munch on some japanese wafer ice creams

ah yes. then came sunday. our flight was to be at 6.20pm which was later retimed to 7.10pm. which meant we had an extra hour to roam the city that day. the only thing i could think of was actually to head back to midvalley and finish my clothes shopping. fortunately i refrained myself and we went to get an lcd monitor for my bro's refurbished pc after a short stop at amcorp mall. it's been ages since i've been to low yat and it has changed a bit. looks nicer with gorgeous outlets and a much more cheerie outlook. nice. my bro went for the lg w1953t monitor which boasts a 2ms response time and 50,000:1 contrast ratio despite it's 18.5" size. woohoo.

fortunately, we'd done all our packing and all we really needed to do after the lil shopping expedition was get our stuff in the car and off we go. hehe. stupid airport posted the check in counter for our flight to be at r51 and that turned out to be a different flight altogether. would you believe they sqeezed checking in 3 different flights into 2 counters concurrently?!?! insane much?!?! anyways, we managed to get through the whole check in process albeit the grumbling ground staff lady who when looking at you plastered an incredibly fake empty smile. some people are just beyond me. ignore.

*sniff* didn't even have time to get some snacks to buffer our tummies from breaking fast to the time they actually served food en flight. oh well. i was annoyed to say the least when they announced that the flight was delayed for another half hour (read: 30mins delay + 30mins boarding + 15mins take off + 15mins getting food to those who purchased online + 10-15mins for the cart to get to our seats = a very long time). we bought a couple bottles of drinking water from the store in the departure lounge and had a donut each from dunkin' donuts. i would've snapped at anyone who rubbed me the wrong way. lol!!!

all that said, i'm impressed with airasia's efforts in introducing new food in their menus. the chicken lasagna was pretty decent for airplane food. they no longer serve 1901 hotdogs but have replaced those with their own brand of hotdogs. haha. i managed to sleep through pretty much the entire flight back home while the 2 brothers were busy endulging in the psp game they were playing together with 1 psp. haha! needless to say by the time i got back home, i was drained. completely exhausted. plus it's still fasting month so had to wake up again at 3.30am to eat. hehe.