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Monday, October 6, 2008

packing the pounds is easier than trimming down...

after a month of fasting, syawal has arrived bringing the ever-anticipated aidilfitri celebrations. of course we went back to my grandmother's house for the annual family get together to mark the end of ramadhan. hari raya is i think more of a celebration of feasting than anything else. of course there are the sad sentiments woven into the picture. reminiscence of those who've passed and are not able to share the joy and laughter of today. the young collecting green packets filled with cash.

ooo.. the food!!! apart from the scrumptious selection of cakes and delicious food (i.e. mutton & chicken curry, beef rendang, mixed vege, soto, etc.), then there's the indian twist (mostly because my stepdad's indian blood) with chapati and dhal. yum yum... delicioso!!

you would expect one to actually lose weight or slim down a bit during fasting month. well, i failed miserably in that area despite having lesser food intake. my body's not working as it should.

well, all of a sudden i'm on this health spree or something. i've acknowledged that i need supplements (finally!) am currently trying out gnc women's ultra mega multivits and am taking it with epo. then i've just started on cellu-ease tablets to reduce cellulite appearance. to aid my weight loss efforts, i'm also taking nn l-carnitine apple juice (delish!!) twice daily and oriyen corn fibre whenever i'm consuming oily or fat-rich foods. soon i'll have to start on my yoga poses. the last time i did yoga it helped increase my body muscle mass. the difference is this time i'm taking it slow. i've been trying to lose weight too fast for my own good and it backfired. i ended up becoming even lazier (and bigger) than before i started. call me crazy but i'm taking meal replacements for breakfast. at the moment i'm trying out nn thermo drink (vanilla & choc). hehe. i'm obssessed with cosway products now and can't wait for next month's promos.


  1. although i slim down a lil bit (4 kgs) during the fasting month, i'm now facing with the tummy bulging prob la babe. i dont go by my mandi-before-makan routine da now. considering that i'm always arrive at home just right before dinner, couldnt resist my hunger & straight away join ibu & bpk for dinner. n then afterwards baru la go for shower. i guess this is the main reason for my bulging tummy.. yew!!

    neways, hv u heard of Herbalife? Totalife? i got a friend who took Herbalife - it's like a nutrient drink for you to consume in the morning, afternoon & night replacing ur normal meals. what u hafto do is to drink it every 4hours & u'll be full instantly! & u'll hv no craving for other foods. it is recomended to hv a small dinner & dats it. she did lose pounds & pounds! in fact, she's a size XS now!! it's quite pricey tho ~ around RM1K per month & will be reduced depending on ur package. i wanted to try.. but, since it's so pricey, i better not. haha i guess there's always other ways for me to slim down without drying my pocket. lol!

  2. heheh... yea i've heard of Herbalife... my stepdad tried it out but i think he wasn't well informed on how to take it... lol!!! cos he didn't really lose weight... anyways, i have a friend who's working there now... and she says you can really lose weight with it... i duno much about the pricing tho... but i might go have a look see at it... y'know dowan to brush off options... hehehe...

    my cuz suggested a slimming tea called Detox C or something like that... but dt makes u pangsai every so often wic i totally dun feel comfy wit.. heheh... did i tell u my gym kinda closed down?!?!?