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Monday, August 24, 2009

happy fasting everyone...

time to fast again everyone. haha.

now i know fasting is something done for religion. but it can also be a chance to help in the weight loss department. of course as always, every time ramadhan comes round, there'll be the ramadhan bazaars held in many parts of the nation or more specifically in town. tempting as it is especially when you're hungry and can't wait to eat, my best tip if you enjoy buying food at these bazaars, buy something different every time you go instead of hauling the entire place each visit. hehe. there's a massive variety of food there, so spread the choices over the 4 weeks. a lot of people say they gain weight during fasting month despite only eating breakfast and dinner. but how can there be a calorie deficit if there's a binging sesh during break fast. :) key thing to keep in mind is, everything in moderation.

moving on to more geeky stuff. i can't wait to upgrade my laptop's RAM and optic drive. it's just way outdated. haha. and yes, i still have to finish recovering my data from my "lost" partition. dang.

parkson 1borneo has finally opened. and i must say i love it. haha. or maybe it's just the atmosphere. i've bought the elle laptop bag at 70% off (NP: RM239), jeans, pants and a nice casual shirt. can't wait to head back there and get me some accessories too. very affordable and simply gorgeous!! and yes, i'm still in love with sasa. i don't know why but i just can't get enough of it. my fave item from sasa? definitely the fiber wig mascara and refining herbal tissue mask!! if you didn't know, they're having a clearance sale on tigi cosmetics at the mo. 50% off. the eye shadow pallettes are intense!

recently i've been hooked on makeup. reviving my collection of makeup items and brushes. i have youtube to thank for fueling my new found love for makeup. haha. and yes, i've fallen in love with youtube too. there's just a lot of things you can learn on youtube. :) i used to go on youtube just to check out new songs or music vids. but now there's a whole different world there. haha. baking, cooking, diy, beauty, style, computers... the list is endless!

and last but not least, the sabah bloggers gathering is on again this year. if you're in sabah, and you blog, block your calendars for oct 31!

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