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Friday, February 26, 2010

come shop with me...

without realizing it, it's been 3 weeks since my mummy has passed and although it feels weird that everything else remained unchanged and unaffected by what had happened, we still miss her immensely but life goes on.  there are still many instances when i wanted to run to her and ask for her opinion and guidance and had to remind myself that i have to turn to other people now.  i will always think of what she would say to me in different situations and keep that in mind.

anyways, i've recently unofficially launched my latest foray into the business world.  something i can strike off my things i want to do list in the left sidebar *haha* and i already did. weee...

i'll be launching it officially soon and adding a lot more items for your to choose from. *smiles* i'm really happy i've finally been able to start this up. click on the blogshop logo above to enter the site.  stay tuned for our official opening sales soon! my mum was excited about my latest venture too but wasn't able to see it take off.  at least i know i had her support (as always).  the boutique has a mixed selection of items from dresses to tops, skirts and leggings too.  i'll be sourcing for some accessories to add to the mix as well and that is definitely expected in the coming months.  my aim is to provided an opportunity to everyone regardless of shape and size to be part of the beautiful fashion scene.  i believe that everyone is gorgeous and beautiful in their own right.  i'm working hard to provide the best prices too so each piece is affordable and of good quality.  items are accessorized in photos to illustrate some of the many potential looks that can be created with each piece.

did i mention i can ship internationally as well?  *smiles*

if you like what you see, feel free to spread the word too.  i'd love to hear your feedback as well.

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