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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleepless Nights...

I've always been a night owl and not much of an early bird.  At some point I did manage to train my mind to sleep and wake up in a more decent schedule but I'm struggling with it yet again.  Last night I only managed to get about 40 minutes of sleep.  Despite the unhealthy nature of my nocturnal tendencies, I do not intend to consume sleep medication to help with my problem.  I was prescribed some muscle relaxant for my aching arm muscles some time back and although it's not supposed to, it made me sleep a bit too soundly and I found it harder to get up in the morning despite going to bed early.

At times when I can't sleep, I'll catch up with work, watch TV, rearrange/organize/clean my room or do plain ol' computer stuff.  It gets annoying though because I have to work in the morning through to sometimes 7pm and my lack of sleep affects my brain functions particularly in the morning.  After noon I start warming up a bit and get back on the rhythm of my work.  Clearly it's a disadvantage for me to start functioning a bit late in the day so as much as I can, I'll stay on a bit later just to prepare documents and information for the next day or following work day.

In the mean time, I'm still working on getting my sleep patterns to work out better so I can take advantage of the mornings as well as the afternoons more efficiently.  Sometimes the problem is my eyes are sleepy but my body is still restless so I usually end up jumping out of bed and look for food or surf the internet or something.  I'm thinking of joining some kind of dance class or a yoga/pilates class to give my body a good workout and hopefully help me sleep better (and easier) while working out a sweat.

I'm considering giving Core Fitness a shot and drop by for the early morning classes before going to work.  Will swing by there one of these days to check out membership pricing and stuff like that.  I think one of my mum's friends is an instructor there too.  My mum did suggest I join the aerobic class her friend teaches at the Sports Complex as well but it gets dark pretty early here (around 6.30pm) and me going there alone with a dimly lit parking lot isn't exactly safe in my opinion.

Another time passer for me would be playing around with my make up.  I don't wear a lot of make up on a daily basis.  Sometimes I just slap on moisturizer and a sunscreen and I'm out the door (our skin needs to breathe too).  Most days I'll just do my brows, curl my lashes (sometimes I'll go with or without mascara), lip balm or lipstick and a quick brush of powder.  If I feel like it that day, I'll throw in some eyeliner as well.  That's about it.  But I LOVE make up and my collection seems to have grown quite a bit now.  Wanna see?  I've always loved make up but now I can actually afford to buy them so that gets me super excited.

Ah yes.  The World Cup is coming to an end and it's going to be Netherlands vs Spain in the finals.  Gonna be an exciting match and fortunately it's on a weekend.  Haha.  Think I'll root for Spain.  Hurm.  Poor Brazilians though.  They got a lot of flack from their people for getting booted out in the quarter finals and the blunders in the 2nd half of that game.  Anyways, venha Brasil, their president wants the people to not dwell on the past and prepare for World Cup 2014 on home grounds.  That should be exciting and hopefully Brasil will reclaim their title as champions then.

Well, it's almost 6am and I guess I should just get ready for work or something since I'm already up.  Hopefully I don't fall asleep in the office which will be hard to do with the amount of work I have.  Haha.  Anyways, my London haul video (Part 1) is almost ready to upload I think.  Oo wait, uploading now.

So until next time!


  1. Sleep Cuz!!! I'm a night owl too! I love to stay up and have my time on the computer, tv, etc...all the kids are all asleep and it's so nice and quiet.

  2. Haha. I just work better at night. LOL!! In the day time I just want to relax, shop and do leisurely things. Hehe. Yea. Night time is nice and quiet.

    Haha. Great! Now I'm sleepy. And it's almost 8am. Grrr..