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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Backlogs: B2.0 Preview Dinner

Blogging and social media has evolved into a fast growing community with huge potential.  In this day and age, internet celebrities are becoming more and more common.  Twitter and Facebook is now no longer brushed aside as a marketing tool.  In fact, I personally feel that it's a rather powerful tool because (1) there is a vast amount of users on both networks and (2) it lets you communicate with your customers/clients in a more personal way too.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet some of the top people in the Borneo blogging scene at the B2.0 Preview Dinner at The Roof Restaurant, Imperial International Hotel here.

So what's B2.0 all about anyways?  Here's a snippet I snapped from their website.  Click on the image to check out their site.

The B2.0 event was organized by Borneo Colours with the support of Sabahan Bloggers, Sarawak Bloggers and Beleter Community.  There were a selection of speakers lined up for the event covering topics from Blog Monetization to Managing Your Personal Brand to Start Ups Challenges & Opportunities.  For more info on the event, do click on the image above.

Unfortunately due to work (it was held on a Friday), I was unable to take part in the actual event.  And it was an event I was really looking forward to attending.  Nevertheless, I was able to go to the Preview Dinner and meet (and see) some of the speakers as well as catch up with old friends.

For more photos from the preview dinner, do check out the official B2.0 website here.

I am generally a pretty shy person who at time feel awkward in public (it's been awhile since my socially apt days) but I did get the opportunity to talk to Azrul Rahim and Addy Kho.  Not that I said much or that it had much relevance to the dinner or the event.  I admit, I'm pretty bad at conversation topics and I really should work on that.  In fact, when Azrul asked me what nice places or activities to do here if they had just one day to explore, my mind went completely blank.  I know that Sabah is a place where people go for it's nature (i.e. climb Mt Kinabalu, dive at Sipadan, see Orang Utans in Sepilok, embrace the tropical jungles in Maliau Basin, research the ecosystem in Danum Valley, check out the first Survivor site at Pulau Tiga, white water rafting at Padas River, etc.), enjoy basking in the sun at our resorts and islands or go shopping at the Filipino Market downtown.  As for more casual activities, there's paint ball, island escapades (day trips), the Lok Kawi zoo, picnics, futsol, wall climbing, and things like that.  So yes, I sat dumbfounded and practically speechless.  *facepalm*

But all in all I had a great time and hope to see this event returning to our shores soon.

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