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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bags Made With Love

A few months back my cousin started posting pictures of bags she made for her daughter, family and friends.  Her bags were clearly beautifully made and you could see she put a lot of thought into the materials used and all the other little details (like adding swivel clips for keys inside the bags).  She started out making bags with remnants of fabric from other sewing or craft projects but has now invested in various designer fabrics.

She used to sew clothes for her daughter but has now found a new love in sewing bags.  Her design method is very simple is based on what anyone would need from a bag and how the bag will be able to fulfill that need.  Since then, she has started her own little business selling these gorgeous bags and you can check them out online.

Click on the image above to view her blog

Here are some of the designs that are available for purchase:

Available on etsy

Available on etsy

And here are some of her other works so far (click on the images to view the full post on her blog):


Reversible Hobo in Denim and Modern Meadow, Sunflowers

Tulip Pleated bag in Alhambra

Mia Bag in Burgundy Wine

Baby Shoes

Phone & iPod Pouch

Bag Organizer

If you're interested in purchasing one of her pieces or if you'd like to make inquiries, do drop by her blog here.

Photo Credits: All photos and images are from This Side Of The Island's blog.


  1. Thanks Adna :) for sharing the same passion for sewing. I really couldn't make this step forward without the support and encouragement of my family and friends. All my little projects for Ash were made with love and although she's not around anymore, we still manage to talk about designs and fabrics via Skype but I now have alot of people who give me inspiration to try something new with my bags.

    ... and yes that's my bag organiser! lol I made that when my diaper bag was all over the place and I just couldn't find keys or my phone.... and now they are the main features in the bags; a swivel clip and a big pocket for my iPod and phone :)

  2. That was quick. Haha. You're welcome. :) Though I'd give it a shout out on my blog. Plus I've been on a blogging buzz these days. So much so I've had to schedule my blog posts so I won't have 2-3 posts a day. LOL!

    You're very talented and all the passion and love really does show in what you do. It's wonderful that it's also a bonding experience for you and Ash. :) Can't wait to see all the amazing designs you'll be coming up with.

    I've been meaning to whip me up a bag organizer myself but I've not been able to figure out the best design for me. Goodness, do I need one. The swivel clip is a must. I don't know why they're not a permanent staple in every bag in the market. Haha.

  3. I'm really committing myself to blogging again this year. I've forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

    Thanks so much for the plug. I'm still amazed with all the support I've been getting and Ash and I still chat about what bags we can come up with but only via Skype.

    Yeh the swivel clip was something I always wanted and I never had one in any of the bags I had bought. I got the idea from all those necktags that Donald would come back with from conventions and one day I attached the front door keys on it so I wouldn't lose it in my bag and so the idea came from that. It should be a feature in all bags so I didn't have to carry it away all the time. lol but now I need a few sets of keys for all my bags because I forget to take the keys out of the bag!

  4. I've really enjoyed blogging. I haven't been active on this blog though since my life is pretty boring these days. When I've got a sudden burst of thoughts I'll just do what I'm doing with my beauty blog and schedule them. Haha. Your polyvore posts are quite nice too.

    At least you guys get to Skype. :) A lot of businesses involve video conferencing at some point. Hehe.

    For me the swivel clip is very useful for car keys. Makes walking to the car at the parking lot a lot safer cos you're not fumbling for them in your bag. Haha. I've had some bags have a sort of key ring attached to it but that just means you'll need to actually have a swivel clip on your set of keys for it to be useful.