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Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's Fool on Gmail

I've never been a fan of April's Fool and maybe I've done a couple of pranks in the past when I was a kid but that's about it.  I do however love to read on absurd "news" people and companies tend to put out on April 1st.  Such example being Gmail:

Seriously?  Gmail Motion?  I thought this was hilarious the moment I saw the feature box on the login page:

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They even went the extra step to make it look legit by putting it up on the top right corner of your mailbox page:

Supposedly it works by using your computer's camera to read your gestures and movements and their algorithm translates that into commands.  But would you be ape-ing around in front of your computers with these gestures?

Click to enlarge image

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On their YouTube page, a commenter who had probably thought Gmail (Google) was serious suggested it would be better if they'd recognize sign language for this new feature.  I didn't personally click on the "Try Gmail Motion" button but I assume it will tell you for real that it's a joke.

What corporate April's Fool joke did you see this year?

Another one would be that the iPad 2 will be hitting Malaysian shores on April 18th and is available for preorder now.  Since there has been no official statement from Apple sources to validate this, let's just assume this is another April's Fool joke too.  That said, the actual release in Malaysia might not be too far off either.

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