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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How's it going blogosphere?

Talk about being MIA from the blog realm.  To be honest, I haven't quite had much time (or drive) to take a moment to blog for quite some time.  Sad, really.  But that's just how it's been.  I keep telling myself that I should write something on my blog (or blogs for that matter) and I just don't seem to have been able to do that for many moons.

Anyways... I think a break was all I need.  For a little while there I'd go on random bursts of enthusiasm and spend hours writing posts and scheduling them.  I thought that would be most convenient for me.  But that quickly fizzled (made apparent by my lack of involvement in my blogs) and I ended up being in somewhat of a hibernation period.

I can't say whether I'll be blogging regularly or whether this is going to be just another "magical" appearance.  What I do know is that I'm not ready to let this blog go just yet.

Now, let's get down to business.  Enough of this dwelling on the past moment.

So recently I went through a massive purging of clutter (it's still ongoing really.. who am I kidding?) and realized that I'm quickly venturing into hoardersville which for me is scary.  If you've followed my blog for awhile, you'll definitely see some form of a shopaholic-ism going on.  I digress... I've thought of reviving my flea market/bazaar/garage sale glory and signed up for one organized by a previous organizer I was familiar with.  Sadly, there was a miscommunication issue and although all packed up and ready to rumble, the items never got to go on sale.  Instead, I had parked it at a friend's house for them to rummage through and pick out the ones they liked and their visitors.

Long story short, I've recently collected said items and been on a posting spree on this God sent wonderful app:

Go on click on it... It'll take you to my treasure trove of beauty items *love*

If you're not familiar with Carousell, it's basically an app that lets you snap a photo (a maximum of 4 actually), edit your photos in app, describe your item, set your price and post.  So simple, so easy and oh so convenient.  There are of course a lot of other apps with the same concept (Snap Sell, Durian, Shopee, etc) but this stuck out to me most.  I've been decluttering all my make up and beauty collection and spreading the love by selling them at an insanely ridiculously low price via this app.  Let me tell you.  The response is beyond what I had expected.  And I'm not even done yet.  I have a lot more items to put up and it's just exciting for me for some reason.  *happy place*  Anyways, if you're in Malaysia (it's available in a few other countries too!) and you're in search for make up, click on the Carousell image above to be transported to my selling page.  Alternatively of course, you can download the app on your phones (or tablets) and add me: elixelle.

I've recently been obsessed with planners and planner stickers.  It's bonkers!  I've ordered a Plum Paper Planner (I know, I know. The ECLP is all the rave.) and I can't wait to get my hands on it.  PPP has slightly narrower boxes (1.45" compared to EC's 1.5") and a lot of stickers and sticker sets seem to cater to ECs.  Maybe I'll talk more about that in an upcoming post (see what I'm doing there? Getting your hopes up. *evil grin*)!

Catch you all later! Be safe, stay positive and be true.

Love.  xoxo

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