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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Manic Reaction...

There seems to be another manic reaction to the issue that is petrol. Today word was out that tomorrow (25/06) all petrol stations were going to be on strike and won't be selling ANY petrol to the public. This of course caused such a crazy repurcussion. Every single petrol station (and roads leading to them) to be jam packed with cars. The lines were so insane that it spanned a couple of kilometres or more!!

My brother who was instructed to pump some petrol for my mum's car was stuck in all the insanity for 3 hours. I, on the other hand had grown fed up with the whole hulabaloo after realizing that I was only 1/4 of the line to the stations and made a U-turn to head for home. I don't care if there won't be any petrol transaction tomorrow but I figured it just wasn't worth wasting what little fuel I had left queueing up. The fact that I was driving alone and imagining it getting dark, and I'm who knows where, and I run out of fuel before I reach the station. How the heck am I suppose to push my car? And how far would I have to do so?

Even the political scene is getting really chaotic. I don't care whose fault it is, just fix the problem already. I don't think at this point in time we can afford to bicker about why this person or party is placing a no-confidence vote towards the Premier or to question certain quarters motives. Please just take some rectification action that makes sense and alleviates the burden and pain caused by the people. Shut up and get to work. All this power war is tiresome and honestly, useless. The people are getting restless. I feel it's useless telling the public not to cause a riot, to change their lifestyle, to be sensible, etc. Hel-lo!! With the limited time that we have, make a move that's unconventional, think out of the box and find a way to ease the rising concerns.

For example, the whole Yong Teck Lee issue. Isn't there anything better to do than to prove to the people that he's got skeletons hiding in his closet by exposing past wrong doings and portraying him as a greedy and power crazed? What about looking into the issues that he's brought up like the illegal immigrant problem that has since worsened? Or the Sabah oil royalty issue? Stop nit-picking on people's faults when there are bigger issues at hand. There are a heap of things to focus on that need immediate attention. Who cares about launching this and that? Who cares about officiating events? A government should be able to serve the people and not the other way around.

Does not saying "yes" to the government's decisions mean that we are supporting the opposition? I hope not. Because if that is the case, then what point is there to vote? What point is there to speak up? I don't believe in "blind support". Yes, we should support the good things, things that will fruit benefits. But there are times that we have to tell the government serving us that what they are doing is wrong. It makes no sense at all to simply be OK 100% with their decisions. The democratic power is held by the people and not the leaders. That is the basic fundamental of democracy. I'm not saying leaders should be slaves to the people's word but it's important that they listen and give it considerable thought. Stop pushing us away. The people will acknowledge and react accordingly if and when they feel cared for by the government governing them.

Lately it seems that the element of trust is slowly losing its grip. And believe me, trust is one of the most important elements that should be embodied by the people-government relationship. Or any relationship for that matter.

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