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Monday, September 21, 2009

selamat hari raya

just thought i'd give a quick shoutout to all the muslims out there. selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

aidilfitri (or idul fitr or eid il fitr) is a time of forgiveness and remembrance. it's the perfect bonding opportunity and starting anew with a clean slate. mending broken ties and relishing in amazing food.

although i must say, after 29 days of fasting, eating in the day kinda feels a bit foreign. add to that the fact that i'm terrified of gaining all (and more) the weight lost during that span of time. *cringe*

this raya is different than previous years. myself, my mum and eldest lil bro did no join the rest of the family to head back to our grandma's place but it's ok. it's been sooo long since i've celebrated or rather spent raya here. haha. technically we're not really celebrating. just spending time together at home. but it's a nice break. *smile*

so to everyone else, take this opportunity to truly appreciate the people around you and remember those who are no longer with you. embrace and renew friendships and relationships and throw away all those negativity out the window.

on a different note, i've added a link to my beauty blog on the sidebar.

have a beautiful raya guys! *hugs*

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