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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Wow. How time really flies. Spent the most part of my raya hols at home and in smc. Had a bunch of things i'd wanted to clear and sort through during the week long break i took but had to postpone it again due to unavoidable circumstances.

So here i still sit carrying out my shift at smc while mum rests before hving lunch. Speaking of lunch, what am i going to have for lunch? Haha!

Anyways, kinda bored at the moment. Spent the day yesterday watching a project runway marathon on discovery travel & living. Haha. An entire season in a day. Awesomeness. *smiles*

Thought about asking to bring my lappie ere but unfortunately there's no wifi in the hospital *duh!* and my wireless broadband reception is crap in this room. Haha. Fortunately i have my phone to entertain me and connect me to the world.

So many things going through my mind now to do. Need to allocate time for it cos i don't think time will be making space for me to get going with what i want to do. Haha.

Just downloaded this blogging app from the app store. Testing it out. And so far it looks promising. At least i'd be able to blog on the go as well. Haha. I'm already tweeting and facebooking on the go. In fact i find tweeting on my phone to be so much more convenient (and easier) than on my computer. Of course you don't get to see the pretty backgrounds other tweeters put a lot if effort into. *wink*

For anyone interested, nestle is giving away free les mills bodyjam and bodycombat vcds with their fitnesse with fruit cereals. I went and got mine yesterday morning but haven't had a chance to check 'em out yet. Will have a looksee once i get home. Hehe. Looks like i really don't need a gym membership anymore *$$ savings!!*

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