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Saturday, January 23, 2010

being bigger doesn't have to mean you're fashion deprived...

in recent years, i've gained a heck of a lot of excess baggage. as much as i want it all to go away pronto, it takes a lot of effort and plain hard work. i've been so busy looking into other matters i haven't been looking after myself. *a confession?*

the thing about being a bigger size is well, looking for nice clothes that fits. i decided not to bother much about not looking as slim as i'd like to be when wearing fashion because fact of the matter is i am not slim. my mum always told me i shouldn't wait to get to a certain ideal weight to dress up nice so i've finally come to my senses and took her advice.

like i mentioned in my previous post, it's just ridiculous that a lot of brands carry a whole bunch of smaller sizes (some not even having XL options). a lot of boutiques are also carrying clothes that fit at most a size m person. which is totally insane!!!  what's even more annoying is the fact that bigger clothes costs an arm an a leg sometimes.

i got to a point that i was pretty depressed that i wasn't able to get clothes that fits me and play dress up. it's very discouraging when you go to a store or boutique and try on clothes in the largest size that they have and not fit. i hid behind oversized t-shirts and almost cried when i couldn't fit into my jeans. i didn't have a lot of jeans or pants and those were just a chore to find.

anyways, here are a few finds that are great options for girls/ladies/women on the plus side.


Voir Exchange
Voir Exchange generally carries sizes from S to XXL.  I love that the cutting of the clothes are of regular fit and aren't those slim cut kind.  The colours are pretty neutral and extremely wearable.  Think black, shades of grey, dark purples, dark green, khakis/beige and white.  Don't worry, you'll be able to find bright colours as well such as yellow, orange and hot pink. :)  Although the target buyers for this brand ranges between 30-50 years old, it's totally fine to wear even in your 20s.  New Arrivals are usually priced at RM70+ to RM100+ but you can always wait for sales to get those prices slashed by 50% - 70%.

South China Sea
The brand is more of an East meets West range of clothing.  You'll find gorgeous tunics/long tops and clothes with beautiful prints.  I'm not quite sure what sizes it goes up to though but I believe it's up to size XXL as well.  Again, prices may be of average range (circa RM70-RM150) but there's always those wonderful sales going on and you get discounts up to 70%.  Since some Parkson stores sell this brand, expect additional discounts during the Bonuslink Members' Day Sales.

Another brand under the Voir Group is Applemints.  They carry tops up til size XL (fits a small XXL) and pants up to size 36.  Nice trendy clothes with an affordable price tag and of course discounts up to 70% during sales.  Also available at Parkson (read: Bonuslink Members' Day Sale *wink wink*).

F.O.S & Reject Shop
Don't forget to check out your local F.O.S. and Reject Shop outlets too.  Sizes range from XXS to 5-6XL at bargain prices.  Since they have a lot of imported brand names, you'll not only be gorgeous clothes, but you won't have to doubt the quality much either.  Some articles of clothing do come with minor defects that are aptly labelled with red arrow stickers too.  You'll find brands such as Old Navy, Massimo Dutti, CK, Forever 21 (US), Tommy Hilfiger, H&M and much much more.  A lot of the items can be found marked down or on special promotions.


OMG!  I absolutely heart this blogshop.  I'm so glad I found it I just had to share it!  She has some of the most gorgeous selections and the best prices out there.  Sizes range from M to 6XL.  Her shop is regularly updated with new stocks arriving almost every week.  The seller herself is such a doll!  Her blogshop is highly popular that a lot of her clothes gets sold out before the end of the day she posts them up.  From time to time, she posts pre-loved clothes from her own closet for sale too.  Nothing over RM50, bliss!

Another great blogshop is Plushionista.  Selling both new and pre-loved clothes, it caters to a wide range of shape and sizes.  They've been on hiatus for a bit but should be back soon.  Next update is set to be on 25 January 2010.  Can't wait!

Although I've never actually bought anything from this blogshop (because the items I wanted had already been sold. Haha), they've got some really nice clothes and a good pricetag to match.  Sizes are from XL.

Another blogshop with nice fashionable clothes for us more-to-love girls.  :)  Prices are wallet friendly and she has a host of trendy clothes to choose from.

hope the brands and links above helped.  *smiles*  if you'd like to check out more blogshops for plus size customers, check out:

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for reviews and fashion finds for the bigger people.

if you're willing to splurge a little more, check out these brands:

Ms.Read (sizes 12 to 22)
Ms.Read used to carry clothes that were not as trendy and suitable to more mature women.  Lately, they've spiced up their wardrobe selection to offer clothes a bit more flare in line with their younger clientele.  Prices are at RM100+ on average and goes up to about RM300+.

Dorothy Perkins
DP has a good selection of sizes and styles but they are a tad bit pricey.  Nonetheless, it is a good option for us.  :)  I'd say go for dresses and good pants here.  You can get knit tops that are of good quality and inexpensive elsewhere.

Marks & Spencers
I love the fact that M&S not only caters to a wide range of sizes, but they've also got them in short, regular and tall which is great!  So if you're 5'-ish like me (i'm about 5' 1" - 5' 2"), get the short and no alterations required!  Prices are about RM100+ but you can always look out for offers and sales.

unfortunately, our Forever21 doesn't have the Faith21 brand (not to mention no F21 malaysia website/store) with extended sizes up to 3XL.  but you never know, they might just be on the way here at of course, marked up prices.

know of any other bigger/plus size brands/blogshops worth checking out?

All logos are owned by the respective establishments/outlets and I am not affiliated nor directly related to any of the blogshops/outlets mentioned in this post. All text is my opinion and sole suggestion to readers from personal experience with the mentioned blogshops/outlets. Images used are for the sole purpose of representing the brands mentioned. This post was not sponsored or paid for.

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