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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Day of London Snippet...

On a lighter note, I know I said I'd blog the photos I took during my London trip with my baby brother in June but there's just so many photos.  I had to create 3 albums for it on FaceBook!  So here's a little raw snippet of our last day there (at Westminster near the London Eye):

London was definitely a lot of fun and it would've been nice if I'd been able to indulge in the shopping experience there as well, especially Primark!  I can't imagine how cold it must be in winter (or autumn for that matter) because the spring-summer weather was a whole lot cooler than I'd like.  I heard that after we'd gotten back it started to get warmer (scorching even) though.  Maybe next time round if we go there again, it'd be nice to try out AirAsia X's flat bed seats with a daily direct flight from KL to London (Stansted Airport).

AirAsia X Premium Seats

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