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Monday, October 4, 2010

La Fuente on a Sunday...

So honestly this isn't the first trip to La Fuente - Tapas Y Bebidas (literally The Source - Food & Drinks), 1Borneo.  Today was our second time there.

We had absolutely no intention of going to 1Borneo today but after remembering there was a small property fair there ending today (this was during a morning birthday party), we decided that it would be our next stop.  There were some interesting properties in the market (read: RM1+ million penthouse duplex with private rooftop garden at Puncak Luyang) including an amazing steal of a property in Menggatal (940 and/or 965 sq ft 3r+3b apartment units for under RM200k).

Anyways, after the fair, we decided it would be nice to catch a movie and off we hopped to the cinema and bought tickets to see Alpha & Omega's 3.50pm show.  Cute animated wolf story with some beautiful howling "music".  Storyline is pretty predictable but a nice light-hearted show nonetheless.

Ah yes, getting back to La Fuente (yes, it's obviously a Spanish restaurant), behold our meals:

Ceaser's Salad
- lettuce, croutons, chicken, mushroom

Cream Based Mushroom & Chicken Ham Penne
(The Spanish name was a tad too long for me to remember)

Beef Ribeye
- with sauteed vege, mashed potato & (blue?) cheese sauce

Roast Chicken

Chicken Tikka

My verdict?  I was delighted to find that the Ceaser's Salad was actually quite nice although I do enjoy my lettuce to be little more bite sized (no matter, I'll just tear them apart).  Croutons were definitely a nice touch to the salad (can you tell that I have absolutely no idea what goes into a regular Ceaser's salad?).  My first dining experience here I'd gotten the Salmon fillet dish and that was yummy (I might be biased because I love salmon).  This time around I decided to change it up and go for penne.  A lil odd considering I'm eating Italian in a Spanish restaurant.  No big surprise in taste here though.  My brothers all had different dishes: Beef Ribeye (which was ordered well done but came medium rare), Roast Chicken (with a sauce I haven't the slightest clue what it is) and Chicken Tikka (an Indian dish in a Spanish eatery?  And it had bones!!).

Just a quick post on today's endeavours.  Til next time!

Couldn't resist...


  1. La Fuente certainly looks good, might drop by when I'm there, then again, bila di Sabah, sia mau makan local food saja!

  2. Haha. It's a nice change every once in awhile. :) As far as steaks go I'd still go with Brass Monkey tho. Hehe. Yea. Simple local food although I'm not much on delicacies like hinava, bambangan and the sort.