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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Bag Obsession

On October 10th, 2010 (I'm a little behind on jumping on the bandwagon here), Mulberry came out with a collection in collaboration with Target (huge US department store) called Mulberry for Target.  Needless to say, the bags were snapped up like hot cakes.  Typically, Mulberry bags costs in the thousands of Ringgit (typically about GBP700 and above) so it's no wonder that a lot of the fashionistas on a budget in the US were super excite to pounce on these gems for a mere fraction of the price.

At the time of this post, the collection can still be viewed on the Target site here although all of the items are currently no longer in stock online (there might still be some in selected Target stores).

The past couple of months, I've been really into bags (I haven't bought a lot of bags in a few years - since University days maybe?).  It's like there are so many bags out there that just captures my interest/attention.  Still, I try to be as frugal as I can and not go crazy.  Plus, I need to remind myself that I'm running out of storage space.  I've also inherited a ton of bags from my mum (some haven't even been used!) so I've gotta keep this obsession at bay.

Anyways, after a brief Twitter chitter chatter recently, I've decided to get something from the collection while it's still available to purchase (not from the Target website obviously) from local blogshops importing genuine branded bags.  Here's my final pick:

Images from

Can't wait for it to arrive.  You can visit the blogshop here.  I wanted to get this design initially though:

Image from

The design for the Large Velvet Satchel is more like the classic Bayswater design by Mulberry with an additional heart shaped charm.  I finally decided against it cos I've had a similar designed bag in the past (which I've since sold off) and it wasn't exactly convenient to access your items in the bag.  I just prefer zippered top closures I suppose.  Of course all that preferences are not set in stone or anything so I might still get bags with flaps like this every now and then.  Getting back to the bag, as much as it was tempting to me (I was even considering getting one of each before I talked myself out of it), I remembered I'm not such a big fan of patent leather.  It is visually very very attractive though I must admit.

Although, this bag from Charles & Keith (~RM259.00) that I saw recently seems to combine elements of Mulberry Bayswater and the Miu Miu Coffer, don't you think?

Images from the Charles & Keith website

I'm also eyeing another LV bag and of course, another classic LV design:

The two designs I've come to love from LV are the Speedy 30 (although the Speedy 35 seems tempting too since it's bigger) and the Neverfull MM.  I much prefer the Damier Ebene Canvas to the monogram mostly because the dark handles means lower maintenance.  I just made myself look super lazy there.  Haha.  But the Monogram Canvas definitely have a bit more designs available compared to the others.

I considered creating a fashion blog or even converting MySewingProject into one but for now, I'll just bombard this blog with my fashion-related post. :)

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