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Monday, January 30, 2012

Toothpick Architecture

Remember back in school teachers had us bring toothpicks to school and asked us to make houses and buildings with them.  Equipped with a small cardboard as base, UHU glue and clumsy fingers, I attempted a tiny village hut which never saw the light of day.  Admittedly, I had patience issues.  Haha.

Here are a couple of huge toothpick sculptures I came across at

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The elaborate piece above is full of intricate designs made by one man with a 100,000 toothpicks over a span of 35 years.  The dedication of that man is beyond words.  This sculpture took longer to make than I have lived!

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Ode to Potter fans.  An obscene amount of toothpicks and glue later, voila, the masterpiece as seen above is born.  How the artist behind this grand piece figured out the layout of Hogwarts to fully replicate it with toothpicks no less is nothing short of amazing.

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