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Monday, November 17, 2008

3 weeks down.. 6 more months to go...

wouldn't you know it?!?! i've only been on herbalife for 3 weeks to date. and i thougt it was longer. anyways, my sponsor and i were discussing a more cost effective way to make purchases and making some part time income. it's gonna take a bit of investing and although i am deeply considering it, where am i going to get the funds? as does any form of business, capital is always a factor.

anyways, the great news is i've lost 3kg for the 3 weeks i've been on the product. yay!! that's an average of 1kg per week which is still within healthy levels.

did you know that it's actually against company rules to sell the products to non-members at the discounted prices? the products are only supposed to be sold to non-members at retails prices. the problem is as i've said before, a lot of people are just out there to make profits (i.e. cash) instead of being the support system and guide the consumer needs and deserves. and that's the sad part.

6 more months to go to my goals. huhu.

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