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Sunday, November 16, 2008

a wedding, herbalife, and exams...

apparently it's wedding season. the first from the gang just tied the knot with her beau (who just happens to be one of my classmates in matrix) yesterday. nana and i attended on behalf of the rest of the group to share this happy occasion with mrs aggy morosco (not her actual name but i just like to call her that). the reception was held at the tun fuad stephens community hall in penampang. unfortunately for me, i had the camera in ISO mode which delivered totally HORRIBLE watercolour-like photos. silly me.


anyhoo... it looks like my herbalife journey is still a long way to go. i've barely finished my first month and so far although i haven't lost much weight but my mum noticed i'm not so 'round' anymore. yay!! that's good news in my books. LOL!!
but my sponsor did say that i'll need at least 6 months to get back in shape internally as well as externally i suppose. no matter. at least at the end of it all i'll be healthier too. although i've been meeting with some herbalife fanatics too. people who can live off a diet of the protein shakes and choc peanut protein bars. i don't know if in the future i'd ever fall into their category but it is a scary thought when you come to think about it. of course i'm not condemning anyone here. i mean, to each his/her own right?
then there are those peeps who are out there just to make the extra buck. don't really supply prospective customers with the proper information to get started on the products. obviously anyone new to ANY product especially in the slimming/health arena would be clueless on how to consume it and the possible aftereffects of said products. i urge everyone out there planning on getting on to whatever program out there to be better informed and do your homework. if there's an mlm element involved, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. always give yourself a benefit of a doubt and don't be afraid to practice even a teeny bit of scepticsm. nothing wrong with being cautious. *smile* more often than not, we get either a price-less brochure or simply a list of products with the retail and discounted prices for our *ahem* perusal. personally, i'd like someone to explain or at least brief me a bit on the product to give some insight to what i'm jumping into. fortunately for me, my sponsor has been very good at keeping me informed. she's been supplying me with information since day 1 and i thank her for that. it's always nice to have someone guide you through the process and inform you what to expect during that period as well.
i'm sooo happy and proud of my little bro. although he didn't excel in his recent upsr exams, i'm just so excited that he didn't fail!! i know it sounds like i've been setting the standard a bit low for him. but some (i use the word some very loosely here) boys are like him. all caught up in the gaming world or DOTA and the likes. LOL!! hopefully, he'll buckle up for secondary school life sooner rather than later and give the overrated education a second chance. *crossing fingers*

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