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Thursday, November 6, 2008

the journey has begun...

in my previous post i've shared some of my opinion on the various weight loss aids and slimming products that i've tried personally prior through out my struggle with my own weight. obviously not all the products were taken simultaneously. some had even been taken several years back bearing no significant improvement.

now in the few years, i've come across a bunch of people suggesting i try out herbalife. i've heard through these sources that they personally know people who've successfully lost the excess weight (i.e. fat) through herbalife. but at the time i was still reluctant. uninterested if you may.

so anyways, recently i met up with a friend - whom i got to know through work - who has just resigned and joined the herbalife family as a staff. although there was no visible reduction in her size, but i suppose i was already in the "ready" state of mind to finally give it a shot. mind you, my stepdad had already tried the products a couple of years back but did not achieve the desired results (mainly because he wasn't properly briefed on the appropriate intake). he offered the balance product for me to try but like i said, i was just not interested at the time.

anyhoo... i set up an appointment to meet up with my friend at her office and she introduced me to one of the available sponsors/coaches there to give me an insight and consultation. initially i thought of reviving my mum's membership (the one my stepdad had set up before) but seeing how complicated it would've been considering the membership had been deleted due to inactivity (plus her sponsors were deleted as well), i ended up joining myself. the upside of things is i have my sponsor to guide me and keep me on track.

my sponsor, sonia, is really nice. she explained what the product does and how my recommended intake in a way so simple that i didn't have that much to ask. she showed me pictures of herself and how much she'd lost through the programme. of course she was diligent and disciplined in her regime. it was motivating. first off, she did an overall assessment of my current body condition (via the tanita weighing device) and took note of my bmr (base metabolic rate), fat %, muscle mass, body water %, built, body age, etc. then she went through each item one by one and explained what it meant and at what level i should target for. most of which of course i'd already had a general idea of. after recording all that, she asked several questions about my general health and took my body measurements. of course there's the before pictures as well.

i've come to realize that regardless of age, we should always pay attention to our health. there's a common misconception that when you're young you can eat just about everything and only when you're old you have to put restraints on your eating habits. in actuality, we need to look after ourselves every single day irrespective of how old we are.

although my sponsor did not suggest an exercise plan to complement the herbalife programme she had recommended for me, one of my doctors suggested i simply wake up early every other morning to do a 20 mins brisk walk before work. there goes my "i don't have time" excuse out the window. *lol* i'm still recovering from my fever-flu-cough-vertigo at the moment so i haven't utilized the treadmill at home. haha...

anyways, wish me luck in my herbalife journey!! i'll be sure to put up before and after shots if everything goes as planned. :)


  1. all the best darl!!

  2. thanks dearie.. bt js in case u'r interested, lemme kno yea... :)