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Saturday, January 24, 2009

reflecting on 2008...

i know, i know. this was supposed to be a new year post but i've been pretty preoccupied to say the least. again, i know it's no excuse. well, for one thing i've got a little bit more time on my hands now that the maid is back from her 2 month sabbatical (everyone needs a break every once in a while).

now where do i begin (hehe. was gonna break into song for a second there)?! first things first, i've moved and merged both my blogs into one. didn't quite make sense to have 2 separate ones supposedly talking about separate stuff. the layout is simple and crisp just the way i like it.

every other new year i'd begin with a list of resolutions for the rest of the year. last year i'd even gone to lengths of making it somewhat contract-looking in hopes to keep to it better. needless to say that went bust. so this year i didn't come up with a list but rather just have general ideas of what i want and it's more of a continuous thing rather than a confined 1 year project. my goals this year is simply to lose weight, shape up, make healthier choices and revamp my 'school girl' image (there's a story behind that but i think i'll save it for another post).

anyways, at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 i've had the chance to reflect on how i spent my year last year. besides the fact that i dedicated a huge chunk of my days to my family (i love spending time with them) i did manage to slip in some excitement and interesting moments here and there (haha!!).

it all started with the new year celebration at kgc:

then the kl house search in april:

the manila trip in may:

the palliative care charity dinner featuring abbaration in july:

there was also the shopping trip to bandung in august :

raya was as usual a blast! then we stayed over at shangri-la's rasa ria resort (i won a 1-night stay at the resort at my company's family day lucky draw) and we truly had fun just staying in the room the entire day - save the fact that it was raining cats and dogs outside. the following day we did manage to squeeze in some fresh air while we roamed the premises (the rain stopped.. wee!!). my last trip for the year was a shopping escapade in singapore which was awesome!!!!

i ended the year by attending my good friend's wedding (bersanding) at her house:

gosh.. i never knew uploading photos to this blog would be so tedious!! i just hate it when the pictures are uploaded in blogger and they're automatically placed at the top of the page and you have to manually drag it down (ok.. breathe in, breath out... save the rantings for another post).

anyway, where was i?!? okies.. this was also the year i took an extra interest in sewing and did a bit of baking. i sound so domesticated! LOL!!!

unfortunately, the only sour note that i can think off for 2008 is leaving it heavier weight-wise than when i started. anyways, i'm pretty optimistic that that's gonna change this year. wish me luck!!

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