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Friday, January 30, 2009

the dawn of a new beginning...

so far 2009 has been a bit stressful for me in many aspects. nonetheless, i'm pretty optimistic that everything will eventually smoothen out as the year progresses. *smiles*

for one thing, i'm pretty frustrated at the fact that the light in my room is still out of order. for more than a month i might add. in other words, i've been fumbling around my room miserably for that span of time and i find it simply irritating. i have trouble dressing up because i can't see my clothes properly. i'll be running off to my mum's room to see how i look then rush back to my room to change if i don't like what i see. i can't find things i'm looking for because the room is sooo dim. my room is currently lit up by a nightlight in the corner which i bought so i could at least see my way around my room somewhat. i'd wanted to change the light fixture entirely and had even dropped by a few light outlets in search of the perfect replacement but all in vain. in a light shop in inanam (we were getting a pendant light for the porch), my mum and i decided that we should just get a new bulb for my light instead. the bulb for the existing light could only be found in light outlets (wth?!?!) cos it's those slim circular tube bulbs. so we bought one there which costs RM13 and guess what, it wasn't even the right size!! found time to check out another light shop in likas and got another bulb (2nd attempt) for RM6 (the inanam shop seemed a little overpriced at this point) and when i got home, i found out the tube was a tad slimmer than the original one that came with the fixture. went back to the store with the original bulb to double confirm (they said i could come back if it wasn't the right size) and they assured me that it was the "new" version of the bulb. connected it to the fixture and guess what?!?!? it didn't lit up!!!! we checked the wiring and everything and it was in order. out of frustration, i got down to seng hup in sadong today and got me a hanging lamp at RM61. it's much easier to change the light bulb if it goes kaput and i can use an energy saving bulb (i.e. 11w = 60w or more) as opposed to the stupid ~32w slim tube bulb that didn't even work. so there.

glad to get that off my chest. haha. on a lighter note, i was a friend's wedding reception last night at magellan. i must say, tis the season to get married. LOL!! due to my restricted visibility in my room, i practically trashed the entire room last night (as in clothes and stuff flying everywhere) in search of my stilettos i'd previously packed for kl but have yet to restore to my shoe cabinet. just when i was about to give up the hunt, i found it hidden in another corner of the room. my brother tried (tried being the operative word) to help by standing behind me flashing a flashlight and his phone everywhere my eyes weren't which added to my agitation. i'd prolly define helping as searching elsewhere where i'm not looking. not to mention my discomfort of have a 10ft ladder leaning against my wall. anyways, the reception was nice and i'm glad i didn't miss it. it was nice to meet up with old schoolmates/friends as well whom i haven't seen in ages!! unfortunately i couldn't find the camera charger and the camera's been dead since viv's reception 2 weekends ago. hehe. nonetheless, the bride and groom (and parents) looked stunning last night (credit: Makeup By Jeff). congrats to the happy couple!!! as do many events and ceremonies these days, the famous poco-poco dance was also a part of last night's reception. all in all, the environment was good, the music was good and the food was good. loads of invites too considering cars parked well towards the end of the road. since i was alone, i decided to park at the clubhouse. prolly much closer to the ballroom anyways and better lit (or at least i feel safer parking there).

my apologies for excessively ranting on petty matters. like i said, i've been pretty stressed out these past few weeks. prolly taking on more than i can chew. hehe. it's makes me that much more fussy and particular on certain things. it'll pass as do all things. *smiles*

anyways, i'm currently working on a side project at the moment called trove by elixelle that's gonna be sort of a closet clearance outlet for me. i'll be selling off clothes and other items that i've outgrown (see, i seriously need to shape up and lose weight) and at the same time i'll be modifying certain pieces to give it a fresher look and sell off those as well. the site isn't totally up yet and i'm still finalizing the layout and gearing up to upload photos as well as making an inventory of all the stuff that i'll be posting there. so that's something i've been putting off for a long time and i'm hoping to get it up and running soon.

i've finalized the beading design for my mum's baju kurung and will prolly drop by the bead shop tomorrow to gather supplies. so that's another challenge for me. i started listing out all my sewing projects and i think i managed to list out about 20 of them. so that's another daunting task. will have to prioritize on that as well. speaking of projects, i wonder when my mum is planning on baking them cupcakes. hehe. cupcakes are such the craze these days. yummy!!


  1. Oh you're not alone on the "stressful start of 2009" thing. Me feel the same way. But hey optimism is key and we just have to live life by the day. Take one steo at a time and eventually things will just fall into place. Hugz!

  2. seems that everyone's 2009 started off stressfully. me with my increasing body weight, the unconditional big Questions and the whole journey thingy. but hey, just like shima said, we just have to live with it. n i'm sure, that one day, the best things will come crawling back our way.. slowly yet promising..

  3. heheh... yea.. still being optimistic about things.. LOL!! me too with the weight prob babe.. we should really get together again.. i'm missing u guys loads!!!! but seriously... what a coincidence all of us are entering the year with a rough start... *hugs*

  4. *hugs too*

    yuppie!! we MUST get together again. . there are just so many things to share & to tell..

    wished u guys were here..

    well, they r here.. except you.

  5. haha... i know.. black sheep m i yea?!? heheheh... ;p miss u girls loads!!!!!!