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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sick for the holidays...

first off, gong xi fa chai everyone!!! ang pow na lai. hehehe.

i'm actually kinda bummed out during this festive season. i'm supposed to be with the rest of my family who are now on the east coast at my grandma's house for the holidays. was really looking forward to go until i fell sick on friday (the day before we were suppose to leave). i've recovered (i think) from the sore throat phase and am now into the flu and cough (maybe a lil fever) phase. my mum has been persuading me to join them there and had even suggested i catch a plane there. seeing that i seem to be going from one illness to the other this festive break (did i mention stomachache now?!?!?!), i just couldn't join them. how i wish i could. *sniff sniff* instead i spent the rm150 it would've cost me to fly there on some groceries and household stuff for the house. in a way i feel like i've disappointed my mum by not going. i know she would've really loved me to be there too.

anyways, it really sucks being sick for the holidays. at least if it was on a work day i could get an mc and have extra rest days and all that. it's just such a waste of a good long weekend (which is rare when you start working).

i practically didn't leave the house for almost 3 days!! that's just insane if you ask me. even i couldn't stand feeling like such a slob becoming such a couch potato so to speak. too much lazing around. it's weird when you think about it. when i've got too much on my plate to deal with, i long for a break. now that i kinda have one, i'm itching to do something more productive. i guess you can't have everything huh? i managed to muster enough energy to get off my a** to do some grocery + household shopping at giant with my bro (yea, he didn't want to go with the rest of the family. prolly cos he just wanted to spend quiet time at home.) at giant. thanks to the festivities, there was practically no hassle in looking for a parking space and there were no lines at the cashiers!! well, i'd wanted to do this yesterday but ended up not getting out of the house (again!). forced myself today considering the tissue products in the house had been depleted - no toilet paper, kitchen roll, facial tissue, tissue packs.

my mum told me to go see a doctor to get some meds for my flu and all that. but personally i don't really like going to the doctors. especially if meds include antibiotics cos then you'll have to finish through the course of the antibiotics. i'm not very good with meds. i can't seem to keep to them. same goes for supplements. maybe i should add that to my resolution list - to be more disciplined. so i went to guardian to get something for my flu but can you believe it, they didn't have anything. i mean save for the inhalers that is. i managed to get some cough syrup (wood's has the best in my opinion) though. got back home and just remembered i used to get over flu with a lil vitamin c and water. haha!! after maybe 2 days of having flu i only remembered about the redoxen c stashed in the medicine shelf in the kitchen today. i can be such a spaz sometimes.

oo... i just remembered to look into sewing my grandma's skirts. i've been so busy with everything else and haven't had time to even start sewing it. same goes with all my other sewing projects too.

i'm a bit disappointed that burdastyle is now charging for most of their patterns. it doesn't quite bother me if they were gonna start charging for the new patterns but they've already put a price tag on their older patterns as well. feel like kicking myself for not seeing it coming and not downloading them while they were still free. guess you win some you lose some right? nonetheless i could still benefit from the website with their how tos. *smile*

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