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Monday, March 23, 2009

all hail avg...

the thing i really don't like about viruses are the fact that they're extremely disruptive and annoying. today i just realized that my company laptop had a virus trendmicro office scan identified as CRYP_DOWNAD-2 which in other words meant that there was a friggin' worm in my laptop. unfortunately i have absolutely no clue how it got there but i can't believe i'd been ignoring the office scan result pop-ups since last friday (i think).

anyways, it appears that the virus was also in my thumbdrive *darn* and that annoyed me even more. today i had to force shutdown my laptop twice before i came to my senses and suspected a virus was causing my frustration. my MS office applications kept halting and just wasn't responding. and the best part was i can't even view anti-virus websites. imagine how viruses are evolving these days they can even block you from getting those definition updates or even downloading anti-virus programs.

since i couldn't download the latest avg because the smart a** virus wouldn't let me, i installed the 7.5 version instead. i just happened to have the installer on that particular lappie (a.k.a. laptop). would you believe i couldn't update the virus definition files? *ggrrrr*

in the state of annoyance and frustration, i slapped my head once again for being dumb enough to not trouble shoot in safe mode. haha. silly me. so i restarted *ahem* force shutdown my lappie again and rebooted in safe mode with networking so my internet was still on. the virus made it impossible for the system to shut down proper or even restart which prompted me to do a shut down by force. *sorry laptop!!*

now, office scan couldn't heal or do anything to the infected file. it detected it but was completely useless at solving the problem. then i tried the avg 7.5 that i'd just installed prior to rebooting. it was having problems and an error message popped up telling me that i should re-install it. *wth?!?!?!* so i ditched the 7.5 and tried once again to download online. magically in safe mode i was able to get to the avg website and download version 8.0. *yee-haw!!!* download done, installed the software, and found out that 8.0 only works in command line mode in safe mode. so i did a scan of the identified infected folder. no miracle there.

crossing my fingers, i logged out of safe mode and returned to normal mode. ran avg again, updated the virus definitions and did another scan. this time the virus was detected. *yes!!* i tried healing but that didn't work so i moved the file to the vault. office scan kept informing me about the virus but was still useless in my opinion cos it can't fix the problem. after sending the virus to quarantine, i did another scan. came out clean this time. no office scan pop-up either. so i tried accessing both trendmicro and avg's websites again (which was blocked by the virus earlier) and voila, it's accessible again.

this wasted practically a whole day's work. *gggrrrrr* but at least the problem has been resolved thanks to avg. thank goodness it didn't require any reformatting or calling for it support. that would've been such a hassle. ooo and i did a full scan on my thumbdrive too. clean. *yay*

so if you're planning on installing an anti-virus on your computer, might i recommend avg? click here to download the free version of avg 8.5 build 278.

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