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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fish bones... those darn things...

while having lunch today, i'd accidentally *duh!!* swallowed a fish bone. i usually only eat the fleshy parts of the fish (i.e. the tail quadrant) which is generally bone-less. in fact, if i had a choice, i'd always opt for fish fillets or fish with very little bones and are easily removed prior to consumption.

now, there's a reason why i've become quite obedient *for lack of a better word* and generally abide by the rules/law. more often than not, anytime i decide to break the rules, i usually experience certain repercussions associated with why you're not supposed to go against the grain when it comes to rules and laws. so in other words, i'm born to abide and hence have never been much of a rebel.

so back to the fish bone. *ggrrr* so as soon as the fish bone snugly placed itself in my throat, i panicked!! 25 1/2 years of my life and never had i had a fish bone lodged in my throat. then and there i regretted even attempting eating fish parts out of my norm. ironically before that my mum was saying how i'd never survive living in the village or eating in a village home. *how true... oh nooo!!*

i tried the first logical thing that came to mind -- coughing it out but to no avail. then my mum asked me to sit down, straighten my chair, turn my plate around 3 times and swallow lumps of rice 3 times and then drink from the rice cooker lid. unfortunately the bone was still snugly lodged in my throat still causing me discomfort and pain. the floodgates were still wide open and i was bawling like nobody's business.

now there's another traditional way of getting the fish bone out and that is to drink the water dipped with the hands of someone born breech. supposedly, when you drink the water, the fish bone will dislodge and go done with the water. now where can you find such a person?!? my aunty had just gone back on sunday and we didn't know anyone nearby born in such condition.

then i was told to swallow bananas. well, i wasn't exactly told how to do it exactly. so i sort of munched a bit on the bananas. that didn't work either. i found out later online that you're not supposed to chew on the bananas. haha. after downing maybe 2-3 bananas, the problem still persisted and i ended up throwing up.

frustrated and in pain, i rushed to the toilet and continued my throw up fest. i was literally pi**ing my pants and was feeling faint using up all my energy to get the darn thing out. i tried downing another banana and wash it down with a couple glasses of water. still stuck. annoyed much, i stuck my finger down my throat in search of the dreaded thing. my finger kept brushing against the top of the bone but just couldn't get it out. instead i did what naturally happens when you shove your finger down your throat, puked exorcist-style.

my mum tried calming me down but i was borderline hysterical. having her tell me that if we went to the doctor the doc would have to cut my throat open to remove the fishbone freaked me out even more and i was adamant to get it out that much more.

no longer crying my eyes out but exhausted, i went back to the kitchen, grabbed a box of ferrero rochers (haha. only 2 left) and a container of pineapple tart and a glass of water. well, i figured maybe try something harder to swallow. after all, i sort of repositioned the bone to the centre from my probing. so munched an entire ferrero rocher and swallowed, *ah.. finally felt a wave of relief* muched a couple pineapple tarts and swallowed. downed it with a glass of water and problem was solved. praise to the Almighty!! ate the last piece of ferrero rocher for good measure. haha.

post-trauma, i did a quick search on the fish bone-throat issue and read that you can even swallow bread to help push it down. well, looks like a couple ferrero rochers and some pineapple tarts seem to do the trick too. but my throat is still sore from the poking (from both the bone and my finger a presume) and my whole body feels all weird from channeling all my energy into getting it out right side up. i hope i never go through any of this again. and i hope no one else has to go through it either.

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