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Monday, March 16, 2009

bazaar, reception, birthdays and training...

march seems filled with events and things to do. just realized it's been a while since my last post. *eyeing virtual cobwebs* so here are some updates so far...

i can't believe it's been NINE years since graduating high school!! thanks to momok for letting me knowing about the school bazaar and letting me tag along with her, nur and hez. it's been ages since we last met. met a few teachers and friends while i was there too. it was superbly HOT (as in panas) that day. good thing i managed to squeeze a parking spot at harrington's just opposite the school. so i didn't have that far to walk. hehe. the school seemed oddly smaller and well, really nothing much has changed. the canteen was still tiny and the classes look exactly how i remembered them to be. despite the many donations the entire student population have been contributing (and not to mention fund-raisers and bazaars), the only significant changes that i noticed were:

1. the main hall is now tiled up all the way to the canteen corridors
2. there's a trophy display cabinet mounted underneath the class corridor
facing the main hall
3. there's a changing room next to the stage
4. projectors in class

not quite sure but i heard they did some work with the toilets there as well, but i can't really confirm on that cos i didn't manage to take a peek at it. hehe. food as usual was bazaar priced (i.e. over-priced) which made it hard for me to get myself to buy anything. still for the sake of supporting my alma mater, i did spend rm10 there. haha.

tis the season to get married. haha. this is my 3rd wedding this year and as always, the bride and groom looked stunning. i loved how dimple's gown wasn't the conventional white gown but rather a more contemporary green and shocking pink evening gown which was absolutely gorgeous!!

* the grand entrance *
* me with the lovely couple *

my lil bro's birthday was the same day as the reception so we postponed and stretched his celebration to the next day til now. couldn't quite celebrate it on the day itself cos he was still down with fever and a cold. *aaawww* will be getting him a cake this week. hehe.

* isn't he just the cutest?!?!?! *

last thursday i was off to kl to attend a training session the following day. after much queries from travel desk, i managed to stay on til saturday night but only had the hotel booked for thursday night. good thing bestie nyn was so welcoming and had me at her place friday night. *hugs nyn and blows kisses*

my dad offered to pick me up from sentral and send me to the hotel. then we had dinner at belanga at the gardens. decided to try out their nasi kerabu (my first time eating) with grilled fish (i.e. ikan bakar) and ais teller (or es teler in indonesia). the verdict?!? sooo not my kinda food. the only upside to the nasi kerabu to me was the tangy taste of the bunga kantan in the ulam pile. the ais teller wasn't quite the thing for my taste buds. too rich and sweet for me. i gave the jackfruit pieces to my dad who ordered the same thing and strangely enjoyed his. to each his/her own i guess. lol!

my wonderful friends in kl had already booked tickets for dragon ball on friday night. so as soon as my training ended friday, i rushed back to midvalley cos they were coming to pick me up there and i didn't want to leave my luggage with the hotel concierge for too long. haha. paranoid, i know. don't even get me started with the public transportation system in kl. i've exponentially learnt to despise it. haha. had to forego the first komuter that arrived cos it was already sardine packed and positioned myself properly for the next train. i liked the idea of the blue, green and red lines incorporated in the station though so you know where the doors are gonna be when the train arrives. need to remind myself to take a cab next time. i was dragged back into the train 3 times *thanks to my laptop backpack and handbag* while getting off at the midvalley station. thanks to this nice girl who helped pull me out as she was getting into the train. that was nice of her. else i'd prolly be on the way to seputeh or something. haha.

anyways, after dragon ball, we headed off to old town white coffee in cyberjaya for intan's birthday celebration. i think it was supposed to be a surprise but all things considered it went well. it was nice to catch up with shima hunny while driving on the way to cyberjaya from sunway. *smiles*

* birthday girl intan and housemates (they're practically family) *

got back at 3-ish in the morning, changed and were instantly transported to dreamland. *zzzzz* was planning on getting up early to start the shopping escapades but when i opened my eyes, my watched was telling me it was already 12.30pm. haha. there goes the morning. got up, washed up and got ready to go. my babe nyn was already up around 9am but said i was sleeping so soundly (i.e. tidur mati) she let me sleep on. haha!!

soon as we got to midvalley, i was famished!! decided to grab a bite at nando's. was a bit disappointed though. i ordered the grilled chicken breast burger with chips in lemon and herbs and the chicken was the size of a kfc colonel burger chicken patty. ggrrrr... it used to be bigger. so i just restructured my burger to match the meat and ate away. haha.

somehow my family loves dunkin' donuts and as always it was my duty to get some to satisfy their cravings. thank goodness midvalley has practically everything!! went to get something for my mum and myself in jusco, then got a couple of books for my lil bro from mph, renewed my isetan card at the gardens, window shopped around, found my fossil watch *hurray!!!!* and finally dropped by dunkin' donuts to get a dozen donuts for the people back home. then it was time to head for sentral.

fortunately my trip back wasn't delayed. the trip to kl had a 1 hr delay which totally offset my plans for that night. *ggrrr* i love international flights. this one was heading for incheon transitting in kk. international flights = pillow & blanket. haha. although, i was starving so having the meal served more than an hour after take off was getting on my nerves. i get cranky when i'm hungry. haha. like my flight to kl, by the time the food cart got to my seat row, they only had one choice left. fortunately still, the chicken satay with fried rice and peanut sauce taste far better than the tasteless seafood pasta *blergh!* i had to gobble down on my flight to kl. haha. the pudding was weird so i didn't really eat that.

can you believe they served baskin robbin's very berry strawberry AND ferrero rocher chocs too?!?! yum yum.. if it wasn't for my gastric coming around, that would have totally made up for them serving the food late. *grins*

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