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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

biggest loser aftermath..

my mum and i have been glued to the tv every 6.30-8pm weekdays just to watch the biggest loser. prolly at this point the only show we watch almost diligently apart from the rtm drama dari mata arisa at 11am-12pm. *fortunately the drama is available on both rtm's website and youtube. haha!*

having been inspired by the fruits of proper diet and exercise from the biggest loser show, it got me thinking about all the things that actually contribute to weight gain for most of the population. made me hunger *excuse the pun* for more info on leading a healthier lifestyle. having my track record, weight has always been a problem for me. when i was little and at another point in my life, i could eat fast food and fizzy drinks almost everyday and not gain weight. but for the majority of my adult life, i've been struggling with squeezing in those essential work outs on a regular basis. i do get food cravings every now and again but for the most part, i eat more healthier home cooked meals these days.

anyways, i've had a listen to one of jillian michaels radio shows and while promoting interesting facts from her new book "master your metabolism", something rather interesting hit me. how even products we use like facial cleansers, toners, moisturisers, lotions, bodywash, etc contain a whole bunch of toxins that pollute our bodies and mess up our hormones. so our hormones aren't functioning properly and it contributes to the dreaded weight gain despite all our efforts. one of the things she highlighted was to stay away from products containing parabens (propyl-, methyl-, butyl-, etc) because parabens that get absorbed into our bodies apparently have estrogen-like effects and too much estrogen in the body has been said to lead to certain types of cancer especially breast cancer. *gasp!*

it seems that organic is the new rage these days. and there's probably good reason for it too. should we all jump on the organic band wagon as well? price-wise organic & earth-friendly food and household products can be a bit pricey in comparison to regular stuff. but i suppose maybe we should take those baby steps and think about our long term health as well as of those who are dear to us.

while checking e-mail online just now, i stumbled on an ad that obviously caught my attention. i haven't quite gone through the link much yet but thought i'd share it with everyone. click here to check out smallstep for tips and ideas to a healthier lifestyle. *smile*

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