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Thursday, April 30, 2009

i like drugs...

i found it rather hilarious to hear my youngest brother had gotten detention yesterday. *haha* he's no trouble maker by any means. in fact he's quite the opposite actually. just a little too smart for his own good i'd say.

apparently, during science class he'd said to the teacher "i like drugs" and that must've really caught the poor teacher off guard. he likes to tease. knowing him like i do, a statement such as that wasn't as alarming to me as it was to the teacher. the drugs he was referring to is actually prescription drugs, i.e. medicine. *haha* i suppose the word drugs in itself can cause quite a stir just because of the rampant misuse of drugs by irresponsible parties.

from his stand point, drugs are good. think about it. the entire conventional modern medical system incorporates the usage of drugs. of course there are alternative medicine that uses herbs and other traditional remedies.

i'm not in any way saying that things like these should be taken lightly. drugs are always meant to be used to alleviate symptoms and pain when struck with illness and diseases. it is the misuse of these medications that are worrying the masses. *haha*

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