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Friday, May 15, 2009


i seriously feel that there's just so much more than i'm capable of doing but have not been able to do yet. it doesn't help that i keep making excuses to justify why i haven't fulfilled my highest potential yet. of course there's always the "i don't have time" or "i'm pre-occupied with things" and the likes.

i admit i'm quite the procrastinator and looks like it's worsening these days. no matter. when there's a flaw (or so) then there's still room to improve and reinvent oneself. so i suppose if you look at it in a positive light, there's still light at the end of the tunnel. haha. now that kinda vaguely sounded dramatic init? but honestly, i am aware of my procrastination and it's implications and i am doing my best to spring myself into action.

sometimes i feel that i spend too much time planning things but taking my time actually executing them. not something i'm proud of though. again, on a more positive light, i am taking those baby *and i mean baby* steps to be a better person in general.

speaking of which, the year started a bit shaky and then approaching mid-year things are getting a bit more rocky but it should all pan out well soon enough. life is just filled with valleys and mountains *sounds better than saying ups and downs.. haha!* and we can plan, adapt to the changes and roadblocks and move on, right?

so here i am, babbling about the things that i've yet to accomplish *hence underaccomplishing...* and no, i am not complaining about the challenges blown my *and my family's* way. simply rather, a moment of expression. a brief murmur of self-doubt and frustration at my own lack of self discipline in certain aspects of my life. hhmmm... *drowning in thoughts*

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