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Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day...

this year mother's day falls on may 10th (2nd sunday of the month) which i'm pretty sure is celebrated in many ways everywhere in the world. there'll be special home cook meals or commemorative buffet dinners or simply that special time spent with mothers and grandmothers.

however, 2009 brought a different mothers day experience for my family and i. there was no preparing breakfast in bed or my occassion-only chicken fajitas and cheesy chicken bake pasta. regardless the situation, the family's personal card making and giving session is a must. it's kinda a tradition created by me and my lil bros have followed suit in recent years *their older now. haha* i'm really proud of them both. they're really getting the hang of this card making thing. *beams*

this time around, we couldn't celebrate mothers day like we used to because the situation is different than previous years. what with all the hectic rush of having my mum admitted to smc on monday due to the excessive fluid in her left lung *which had to be drained out* which was intefering with her breathing and was causing pain in her left shoulder and lower back, and i'd been assisting and accompanying her for the first 4 nights til i caught a bit of a fever and am now resuming my hospital duties tonight, several errands had to be put on hold. today some of those errands can be scrapped off the to do list: 1. buy new school bag for lil bro, 2. buy contact lenses for mum, 3. collect lil bro's kumon homework. still a few more things to get done: 1. collect mum's clothes from the tailor, 2. finish up my grandma's skirt, and the list goes on and on. *haha*

on another note, sitting in a hospital does kinda give you a different perspective on life. even at the age i'm at, there's always a risk of falling ill and there are just so many diseases out there. seems like there's no better time than the present to start reflecting on the stuff we put into our mouths and living a more active lifestyle. how do i weasel my way out of my mostly sedentary lifestyle and eating habits that still requires fine tuning and improvement. with that in mind, i'm launching a blog to keep me motivated for that sole purpose separate from this blog. it should be up soon and hopefully the online journal of my journey would serve as both a form to hold me accountable for my health goals as well as for me to share related info on diet, health, fitness and related thoughts. *smiles*

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