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Thursday, May 21, 2009

sun burnt in ranau...

of all places to get a sun burn, it amazes me how hot ranau can be these days. no longer is the mountain proximity town a cool place, it's relatively as hot as how kk city (then town) once was.

was off to ranau today for a day trip on work matters and am extremely tired from the trip. on top of that i didn't get enough sleep the night before either. spent the night chit chatting away with my mum in her room. *haha* but it was a night worth sleeping late. no matter.

after ranau, did some work in the office and then drove back home. as soon as i reached home, went to my mum's room and plopped myself on her bed. then it was zzz-land from them on til maghrib prayers *when i was awaken by my cute lil bro* needed to send the lil boys for tuition. got back, checked and replied my e-mails then forced my bum off the chair and onto the treadmill for a good 17mins. then it was pick up time. thanks to brother cho cho for lending his driving services.

anyhoo... i can't believe adam didn't win AI8!!!! ah well, can't wait for him to hit the airwaves though. that guy's really got talent and star power. don't get me wrong. i don't have anything against kris. he's a good singer/performer but side by side with adam and adam shines brighter with his quirky uniqueness and charisma. no matter. i'm pretty sure they're both gonna make it big in the industry.
ooo. the iphone craze is on!!! i'm considering jumping on the band wagon as well. my mum says the iphone is somewhat of a status quo more than anything else. a statement if you may. but it would be interesting *says the tech-gadget geek* lol!!

before i forget, for those of you guys and girls in kk, if you're interested in modelling (runway, commercial ads, magazines, editorials, etc), check out the newly opened estilo model & talent agency. they're holding photoshoots soon. photographers out there, they are also looking out for you guys. coming soon in june is estilo magazine set to be the sabah's leading fashion magazine and the 1st of it's kind here.

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