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Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day!!!

the 3rd sunday of june has come around again. and with that we celebrate another fathers day. clueless *and busy* me had no idea what to do this year for fathers day. no idea for the card either *that came pretty much at the 11th hour* and so i decided to try my hands at the famous cupcakes.

my first attempt at cupcake making

playing around with tips & icing with the leftover cupcakes
(1 cupcake missing -- eaten by my bro before i took a photo)

again, i got excited using my mum's new icing tips. haha. designs? i was stumped!!! all i had in my head were the wordings "happy fathers day 2009 bapa" and that was it. silly me forgot to go get some more colours from the store. hence the pink-green deco you see in the photos. *haha* now the original cupcakes were supposed to be 2" in diameter. again, silly me didn't check to see if we had the moulds that size to fit in the cups for them cuppies. fortunately we still had the 1" cups from my mum's cupcake adventure some time back. so i ended up with these tiny cupcakes.

i still can make roses though. or maybe we just don't have the correct tip for that yet. LOL! nevermind. in due time. my next attempt i'll prolly try a different cake recipe. this one just didn't cut it. fortunately due to it's tiny size *and delish buttercream* the somewhat hard texture of the supposed to be sponge cake batter drowned in it *yay!*. my baby brother loved these tiny cuppies and couldn't get enough of them simply i think for his love of icing. still need practice though but i'm happy it didn't come out as bad as i expected it would be. lol!!! and i can't believe i managed to pull it off single-handedly all in the middle of the night through morning. talk about last minute there.

so to every father out there, have a wonderful fathers day with your family!!

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