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Sunday, June 14, 2009

can't wait for OS3.0...

since my mum has gotten loads of time on her hand these days, she's been getting back to her long lost hobbies (i.e. baking, re-organizing the home docs, etc). just the other day we were baking choc chip cookies *which my lil bro ate up all by himself* and made a couple of moist choc cake. my mum just bought a set of tips which i got so excited about and started testing out piping icing and stuff. had a lot of fun learning new things and playing around with the icing on the 2 cakes we baked. *muahahahahhaha*

moist choc cake with choc glaze and choc buttercream border
made for my aunty

moist choc cake with choc buttercream icing
made for mainly my lil bro *who can't keep his hands off choc*

of course the much anticipated iphone 3g is finally in my possession. *muahahahah* i know, i know. i still love the omnia but you've got to admit, the iphone does have it's perks despite it's numerous inadequacy so to speak. haven't quite downloaded that much apps yet and i haven't even transferred music to the in-built ipod though. being a geek and word game fan, i'm stuck on games like frozen lexicon and scramble *just realized i've played scramble on facebook too*. tap tap revenge 2 is fun too. kinda like guitar hero *which reminds me, the wii is sooo underutilized.. must play wii*. and i've got sudoku!! *haha. i'm such a dork!!* now can't wait for os3.0 to be available next week. *hhmm.. wonder what other apps i can download free*

my new baby!!

a lot of hype has been going round about the latest iphone, the 3g s. "s" supposedly stands for speed. apple is saying that in addition to it having the os3.0 in it, it's also going to be up to 2x faster than the current model with a 3mp auto focus camera with video recording function *currently it has a 2mp fixed focus camera* where you can edit the videos straight from the iphone and it also comes with a magnetic compass which can also be used to show direction in the maps app plus it comes in 16gb and 32gb capacities. camera function isn't any phone's strong suit. so i've hardly relied on my phone camera anyways. my lil bros are the ones making use of the video function on the phones i've ever owned. *haha* i have my trusty camera with me most of the time anyways.

ooo.. can't wait for my babe, girl, to come down ere to visit. she woke me up with some ecstatic news this morning. sooooo happy for her!! she's totally stoked about it.
now, can't wait to get trove up and running. i'm aiming to launch it by next week. *excited!!*

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