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Thursday, June 18, 2009

upgrade to os3.0...

to everyone who owns an iphone or ipod touch, OS3.0 is out today!!! Of course, I was privileged enough to update my iphone on monday *one of the perks of the company i work for* ahead of the release date.

there's been a lot of hype from apple that OS3.0 will be a major upgrade from their OS2.x. so what exactly is there to be excited about? for starters, the iphone supports mms integrated into their message app. oddly enough apple left out this feature in it's previous release *who knows why* and to think that even the lower end phones in the market have mms support in-built. the 3.0 also supports cut, copy and paste (as well as select and select all) which works across apps and has been a very convenient feature. used to use this feature on my omnia too *windows mobile os*. apart from that, there's a landscape keyboard that works with a host of apps, spotlight search that searches throughout the phone and voice memos!

hhmm.. what else? improvements to the the calendar, safari, app store, notes syncing, internet tethering, stereo bluetooth, automatic wi-fi login, enhanced stocks app, parental controls, shake to shuffle and new languages. new app features too: push notifications, peer-to-peer games, more integration with external hardware and more.

here's what you need to do to update:

  1. make sure you have itunes software v8.2

  2. connect your iphone/ipod touch to your pc

  3. your device will show up in itunes (it will automatically launch itunes and sync with your device)
  4. right click on your device and select "backup" *important step!!*

  5. once that's done, in the device summary click on the "check for updates" button

  6. click download and install *do not disconnect your device!!*

  7. after the phone reboots, check to see if your previous data and apps are still there. if they're missing, click on the "restore" button on the device summary page and restore from backup. *don't disconnect device until syncing is completed*

  8. you're good to go

wonder what other apps are worth downloading. i'm pretty much hoarding them free apps now. haha!! addicted to frozen lexicon and scramble. haha. typical dorky me.

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