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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I had a bad day...

Have you ever had a day where just nothing went right? Or at least for the most part of the day that makes it almost impossible to feel good that day? I normally don't but a couple of days ago I met that day.

Got to work and work just won't leave me alone. Stressed out tending to work that wasn't particularly mine being asked questions about updates that i don't have cos i'd just gotten back from leave and had a bunch of things to clear before checking on updates. Haha.

Went to growarisan earlier that morning just to find that i had to come back a day or 2 later cos their system was down. TM internet prob. Crap!

Then i thought i'd take a break during lunch and get my lashes permed. No perm. I came out with my lashes looking just like when i'd come in. What a waste of time. Should've just told me the product was out of stock or something instead of me having to come back and redo it! *pissed*

Back to work. After work went to collect my bro's laptop from Karamunsing and at the same time add on my new additional 2GB RAM. Imagine my frustration when i found out they gave me a PC's RAM instead?!? Had to come back the next day!! Argh!!

Went home and my mum told me the help was going back this weekend. Bapa would be in KL for ATP the same weekend. So it meant i won't be able to go to my girl's raya open house (the only raya thing i'd be doing this year) and help her with her day the following morning. Devastated. My eyes were practically filled with tears the entire day.

Beat some stress and went back to the office to finish up more work that night cos will be in late the next day to take my mum to smc. Got to the office and guess what? My mouse wouldn't work. "USB device unrecognized". Almost threw the friggin mouse out the windows.

Went to watson's to soothe my soul and bought some stuff. Had a nice surprise when i found a lil freebie in the plastic bag when i got home. Yay! The only good thing that happened that day.

Best part, i came home and the power was out. Thank you SESB for making my day.

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  1. Dang..You really had a very bad day..*sweats*

  2. We all have bad days...that's why the sun will never fail to come up. :-)

  3. yea.. it was.. fortunately the next day was better.. and those thereafter.. :)