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Monday, October 19, 2009

The world is a weird place to live in...

Fortunately my bad day only lasted for a day. The rest of the days following that day were not fantastic but they were still good days.

Well, things are getting more and more neglected as we rush here and there and everywhere. Dividing time between my mum, my brothers, friends and work has been difficult still but essential.

Last weekend was my lil bro's birthday party. Funny that boy. He cleverly sent event invitations via Facebook which triggered us to organize an actual party quickly. Haha. But all went well an everyone was happy. I suppose that's what's important. :)

So anyways, today after a nice Dim Sum brunch at Hyatt, went to check out the JCI Flea-Tastic Bazaar at Bundusan with the lovely Ms Nyn and my lil brother. Obviously it wasn't as big as those done in KL but it's a start. Hehe. :) Considering to join the next time it's around. It would be interesting.

Mum's spent her 3rd week in SMC and we're hoping she'll be able to get home soon. Been spending everyday here when I'm not at work. Barely at home too these days. I miss my bed.

The Sabah Blogger's Gathering is coming up this coming weekend and I'm pretty much stumped on what to wear. It's gonna be a Halloween/Masquerade themed event but I'm not thinking of being too OTT. The hotel where the event is at is practically in a mall. I'm still a pretty low key person. Hehe. *wink*

So here I am with the now shrunken pimple on my face, sans makeup (ok... very little makeup) listening to my mum's friends visiting her in the ward room chit chatting and catching up. Sitting cross-legged by the electrical socket charging my beloved phone next to a walking frame typing away on this blog entry. Haha!

My stomach is beginning to send hunger signals to my brain. Ooo.


  1. HI there! Came across your entry on Flea-tastic Bazaar.
    Thank you for writing about us and most of all for coming! :)
    Hope you found some nice stuff.
    Would you like to join as a vendor the next time around?
    Add us on facebook ;

    There's one coming up soon in December!


  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for dropping by the stall last weekend at Lintas Station. :)

    Let me know abt the bazaar and rates and will see if I can make it then. If I'm not there as a vendor, I'll sure be there as a bargain hunter. :)