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Monday, November 2, 2009

freebies... yay!!!

the recent weekend was filled with fairs of all kinds. my fave of course was the ict fiesta organized by the sabah computer society with support from skmm and despite the smaller crowd flocking the fair unlike pikom's pc fair, there was a good selection of products and services to browse through.

however, i must say that this time round, the main focus was on laptops. practically all stores were heavily promoting laptops of all brands (except macs) and luring in customers with their freebies. most of the stores were offering either or freebie packages, some enticing customers with 10-12 free stuff.

my baby brother was at the time looking to get a new laptop since his previous one totally died on us all and was beyond repair, so this was a perfect opportunity to scout around and get some extra add ons to our purchase. lucky us, on day 3 of the fair, as soon as we entered the hall, we were immediately attracted to a sign that was practically calling out to us "Free 25 Items. Limited. 1st Come 1st Serve." We'd actually already decided to go for another store (from our trip to the fair the day before) that was offering 12 free goodies. But 25?!?! We must've been out of our minds to let that go. The fact that we were more familiar with this shop compared to the other one we'd initially thought of buying from made the decision all the more easier. after all, the laptop was the same price regardless which store we chose. hehe.

after taking the above photo, i realized we were missing one item. i can't even recall what it was. haha.
  1. keyboard protector
  2. LG headphone with mic
  3. LCD screen protector
  4. laptop skin (most useless of the lot)
  5. sensonic usb speakers
  6. notebook cooler pad
  7. computer dust sheet
  8. kodak a4 photo paper (20pcs)
  9. bluetooth handsfree
  10. LCD cleaning kit
  11. mousepad
  12. game pad
  13. fm modulator (w/o remote)
  14. usb mouse
  15. earphone
  16. eScan antivirus (never heard of it - the laptop came with McAfee)
  17. 4 port usb hub
  18. cd sleeves
  19. dvd-r (2pcs)
  20. camera case
  21. notebook w/ pens (2x)
  22. fossil name card holder (2x)
  23. t-shirt
  24. micro sd card reader (not in picture)
  25. RM5 McDonald's voucher (not in picture)

this offer was limited to the first 20 customers to purchase any one of their laptops on the day. we were fortunate enough to be the last few. the laptop came with a nice backpack too!

then there was the heart of borneo exhibition at 1borneo set up by the sabah forestry department at the south atrium. too bad they'd close by the time we got there (which was about 7pm) but since it wasn't a particularly big exhibition, we managed to check it out from the perimeter and my baby bro had actually wanted to jump inside to have a look. haha. dropped by the m.a.c. counter while we were there. love checking out their latest makeup looks especially since it was halloween. haha. this year's theme was chucky. baby bro was sooo excited and couldn't resist the offer to draw a scar on his face. he left a happy camper. lol!!! the halloween makeup continued back home. so i rubbed off the scar from m.a.c. and started experimenting with my makeup collection to come up with a zombie-ish look as requested by the little boy. the results were awesome!!

i had to forego my blogger gathering cum halloween party that night cos (a) i had no costume and (b) the busy-ness that is my life. maybe next year.

ah yes. then there was the health and beauty fair in centre point. managed to browse through the booths while looking for something to wear for a wedding i was attending that night. the most interesting booth there??!!? the wig booth wins hands down. their wigs were soooo natural and silky soft. i don't know if it's made from real human hair or if it's synthetic. but the wigs were super cheap!!!! price ranged from rm45 (short hair) to RM65 (long hair) and the extensions ranged from rm25 and above. the actual shop is located at sinsuran. seriously, i would never have guessed. ooo. and if you're on a budget but love perfumes, one drop perfumes also had a booth there. their regular sets (pack of 8 tiny roller bottles) were priced at rm45 (celebrity pack at rm50) and mini sets (pack of 4) were rm27. there was also paradise perfumes (similar to one drop but with 6 bottles per pack) selling at rm35 a box. these are scents inspired by popular perfumes like gucci envy, estee lauder's pleasure and so on all pre-packed in sets for both men and women. personally, i don't think they smell anything like the perfume they were inspired by though. hehe.

i find doesn't give me enough flexibility in publishing my blog so i'll be moving blissful belle to blogspot soon. :) maybe if cleo is serious about their blogging feature for members, they'd look into other basic functions to provide to their bloggers.

on a different note, my mum's still in hospital and just underwent minor surgery again. she's been getting a couple bacterial infections in her hips and under the skin in the ankle region. since her body is lacking a lot of the essential nutrients she is desperately in need of, her oncologist has prescribed an intravenous nutrition programme to supply the necessary vitamins, minerals and diet essentials (carbs, protein, fat) for a few days. it's this huge sack with white liquid in it fueled into her body through controlled drips at 60ml/hr. at first i thought it has been a month but after thinking back, it's been more than a month already that she's been in here. most nights, the hospital is my second home accompanying my mum. when i'm off to work, my brother takes my place. some days, i don't get to go home and some days, i don't even get to see my two youngest siblings. praying my mum gets better soon.

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