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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

trove will be making a debut at lintas station flea market/bazaar...

one the many things i love about facebook is how easy it is for people to set up events and promote as well as send out invites. apart from keeping in touch with family and friends of course. *grins*

this recent week a friend of a friend posted on her status (and sent out messages on facebook) a flea market/bazaar she's organizing. after checking out the jci flea market/bazaar at beverly hills phase 3 multi purpose hall a couple weekends back, my babes nyn and i decided we'd take part in the next bazaar that comes around.

since i've already set up trove a few months back (sorry for the lack of updates), and i've already pretty much organized all the stuff to sell, this was the perfect opportunity to make a presence. i'm a sucker for packaging and stationeries so you can expect simple elegance in my stall this weekend. haha.

at the moment, trove has tons of tops, work shirts, dresses, basic tubes, jackets, jeans, pants, skirts, shoes, bags and accessories. can't confirm if there will be any guy stuff this weekend though but we're working on putting them in the mix in the near future.

the trove by elixelle blogshop has also recently been given a facelift and will be remodelled to efficiently show items as best as possible. i won't be posting item measurements anymore. if you're interested, just let me know and i'll measure that particular item for you. there'll be close up photos of details and fabric.

anyways, i'm really excited (and nervous) about my first stall experience. my lil bro will be helping me out too and one of my bff might help out on sunday since she's got work on saturday. still lots of preparation work to be done and i can't wait! plus, can't wait to see what everyone else will be selling then. fun!!

see you there! *smiles*

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