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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Craft & Sewing Furniture

My current obsession is to window shop online and I just thought these pieces of furniture would be perfect for a craft and sewing corner:


This would have to be one of my fave desks from IKEA.  If I had the space in my room, best believe I would've gotten this and ship it back here.  It just looks so elegant and if I had a home office, this is definitely a piece of furniture that would be part of it.  It would make the perfect sewing table too.  I could plop my sewing machine and serger on there and put all the supplies in the drawer and shelf storage space on either sides.  Funny though.  It's no longer listed on the Malaysian IKEA website.

IKEA HEMNES Black-Brown Desk

I'm not completely sure but I think this is new to the store.  It's similar to the previous table, comes in more than just a black-brown finish but lacks the elegance in the former table.  I think this one probably comes with a cable organizer but I'm not too sure.

EZ View White Craft Desk

Not this I found on and is specifically a craft desk (which of course can easily be a sewing desk if you place maybe tempered glass up top?).  It has so many compartments and storage space to put supplies in.  Perfect for the OCD urges in some of us.

Original Scrapbox Workbox Black Beadboard
Scrapbooking Desk/Armoire

I have never seen anything much like this before.  It's just an awesome piece of furniture that you can close to hide neatly tuck away your craft workspace or sewing station.  So many shelves and compartments so everything has its place.

I've been pretty busy with travelling (in June) and then working on my beauty blog that I've neglected to post anything on this blog.  That and my lack of ideas lately.  Hopefully I'll think of something else non-beauty related to talk about.  My travels perhaps?  I love travelling but I'll talk more on that in future posts. *smiles*

Oh yes, and before I forget, hope everyone has a wonderful Ramadhan this year.

Photo sources: IKEA (Malaysian and US sites) &


  1. A good cabinet/desk can last a lifetime. I like the EZ View White Craft Desk, lots of storage space. I've got a Horn sewing cabinet which keeps just about everything. Lots of great sewing cabinets

  2. That's true. The EZ View looks wonderful for craftworks doesn't it? Oo. The horn sewing cabinet looks nice too. So much storage space for sewing supplies. And excellent table top space for a sewing machine and overlocker. I don't have a place for anymore furniture. Haha. Will have to stay portable for the time being. Haven't sewn much anyways. Still tweaking my dress making skills but I keep measuring myself wrong. Might actually consider taking a class. Haha. We'll see. Plenty more to do at the moment.

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