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Friday, February 3, 2012

Corner Drawers FTW

When you have L- or U-shaped (or any other angle with right corners) cabinets, those corners can be a little tricky to design.  These days though, there are many solutions and options to choose from to deal with these pesky corners.  There are pull or swivel out steel frames and of course there's the regular static shelving that requires some limber moves to reach items placed far deep.

Then there are corner drawers:

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The drawers may be oddly shaped but utilizes the corner space a lot more than those steel frames in my opinion.  Plus, things that you put in them are far more easily accessible than conventional shelves (and they're pulled out towards you -- no more rummaging in darkness).  For me, the problem with steel frames is that you can't put too much weight on them or they'll get lopsided and squeaky, especially the swivel kind.  Drawers on the other hand, if fitted properly with the right hardware, can take on heavier loads and you've got to admit drawers are much easier to organize too.

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