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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Awesome Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry, especially costume/fashion jewelry, helps complete an outfit and most girls have their own collection be it big or small.  I would say my stash lies somewhere in the middle and for the moment, I have them in individual slots in my document drawer tower.  I am however still thinking of another way to store them and at the same time make it even more visible and accessible to me so that I'd wear them more.

When I saw this organizing idea on pinterest, I thought it was interesting and well, genius!

pinterest Link

Doesn't that look beautiful?  So neatly organized and all that is are several cutlery trays (wooden and painted white I assume) attached to the wall one on top of the other with hooks screwed in at the top of each vertical slot to hang necklaces and earrings.  The horizontal slot works well to store bangles and bracelets as well as rings.

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