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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

why is labuan airport so... empty?!?

yesterday was a somewhat manic day if you may. prepared and faxed through the necessary correspondences for work, read my e-mails (and reply). the usual. then came the call from my kl colleague informing me that they won't be able to make it to the meeting in labuan and i have to go on behalf of the company. can't really blame him though considering a lot of people were on leave last week for the cny festivities (i.e. hardly anyone replied their e-mails). coincidentally my kl colleague in charge of making travel arrangements for the department was out of office on course and the only other person who can help with the necessary processes (i.e. preparing the purchase requisition, liaising with budgeting and travel desk) was knee deep in work and couldn't help me out. again, can't really blame her since it was extremely short notice.

fortunately since i needed to be here (labuan) for the meeting, i managed to get approval from travel desk to make the arrangements myself from kk. good thing the mas office was open til 7.30pm so i still had time to make a mad dash to the airport and get my ticket. was practically shivering from fatigue by the time i got to the airport cos i forgot to eat at work. haha. i had my brunch at around 10.30am consisting of a small bowl of dried shrimp fried rice at home and a lil home made bingka ubi before casually going to the office. don't get me wrong, i sometimes do some of my work at home because the home pc is much faster than my office laptop which helps (all hail webmail). hehe. if i had a fax machine at home i'd prolly be home even more! LOL!! but then again, there are a few things that can only be done in the office considering i don't have vpn. anyways... although i know i have my chicken soto waiting for me at home, i just had to have something to eat. so thank you mcd for being fast and ever-ready to feed. hehe. can you imagine a return trip to labuan costs rm424?!?! fortunately i'll be claiming that from the company (ahem.. business trip). i can't believe airasia no longer flies the kk-labuan-kk route anymore. *disappointed*

*fast forward* so here i am sitting near a power socket in labuan airport opposite the only populated spot in the building (or at least at the arrival level) opposite mcd (how reliable) and riding on free wifi. hehe.

seriously. see how empty the airport is. no hustle and bustle at all. fyi, i walked all the way to the other end and i'd rather stay at this end. i'm beginning to think that there aren't any international arrivals too cos that end is dark and gloomy and deserted.

i didn't have much choice but to take the 7.05am flight (arrived around 7.45am). the next available flight was at 4+pm and my meeting starts at 2.30pm. good thing i checked in right after buying my ticket yesterday so i don't have to worry about that. and thanks to mas' reliability to not depart on time, i didn't miss my flight. haha! i honestly thought i'd already miss my flight considering i arrived at the departure lounge only 5mins before the flight was supposed to take off?!?!? never gonna do that again. almost panicked!! hehe. but when i got to the gate, they haven't even boarded the plane yet. *pant pant - phew - pant pant* grateful too. as i was walking (erm.. running) to the gate i managed to glance at the screens and was pretty puzzled that the status indicated boarding instead of final call or gate close. *run, forrest, run*

thanks to the free wifi, i'm a lil less clueless as to what to do while waiting for my meeting. i might end up doing a quick mall tour here like i did when i was attending a meeting in kuching (another day trip). not quite sure what time the meeting will finish but the only flight back that i could get was at 9.50pm so needless to say i'll have ample time to even have dinner here. hehe. let's see if i can get my hands on some chocs while i'm here. that's what people usually buy here right?!?! apart from liquer that is. hehe.

hehe. to be honest, even the mcd is pretty empty save a few tables that is. hhmm.. i wonder how much my parking fee will be when i get back? *wondering* haha.

okies. let's see if there's any work i can do for the time being.

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