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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be Happy...

I've honestly never heard of this award so thanks to my cousin Cinda for tagging me.

Tagged by Cinda

10 Things That Make Me Happy:
  1. My mummy - in life and in death she made me truly happy. She was the only one who truly had my best interest at heart and truly understood all of me.
  2. Having a beautiful family - despite their weird way of showing appreciation and love (applicable to some)
  3. Having fantastic friends who look out for me and accept me for the person I am and not the person that other people want me to be.
  4. Knowing that I've been blessed with so many wonderful things and opportunities.
  5. Writing - a therapeutic stress reliever and means of expression (including blogging)
  6. Shopping - any form of shopping is invigorating and exciting to me (i.e. window shopping, online shopping, mall shopping, flea market shopping, catalog shopping, etc.). To not have a budget would also be a dream!!
  7. Technology - the latest innovative gadgets and devices in the market really gets me excited (includes anything from Apple, computers, cameras, softwares, applications, printers, super-fast internet, etc.)
  8. Beauty - I love to see beauty in everything and everyone. I love beauty products (i.e. skincare, cosmetics, fragrances) and enjoy playing (and amassing) with my makeup collection.
  9. Sewing - the idea of creating garments or bags and accessories just makes me happy and proud. I may not have the patience for it but the final product always sends a rush of excitement.
  10. Cupcakes - Haha. Yes. I don't know what it is but cupcakes just exudes happiness don't you think?
I Tag You

And since I've been really into YouTube lately,
I'd like to tag the gurus that has always brighten my days
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If you've been tagged, all you've gotta do is:

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Lotsa luv, let's spread the happiness. *smiles*


  1. U truly deserve it! Loved the list.

  2. 10 Things that make ME Happy:

    My parents - they sacrificed so much to get me to where I am and they always loved and supported my unconditionally.

    My fiance - He's my entire future and just building our lives together has been so exciting.

    Makeup - Obviously. I become more confident, feel pretty and let my creativity loose when I'm playing with makeup.

    Drawing - My serenity. I love spending hours at a time going from blank paper to finished work of art. My pencils are my love.

    Sour Keys - My favorite candy in the whole world. I love getting a big Costco-sized bucket of 'em!

    Helping the sick - When many people run as far away as possible from the sick, I feel such a strong compassion for them. They are at their worst and they need the most help. I feel so happy when I can actually help someone.

    School - Sounds weird, but I love school. I love learning and living and using my acquired knowledge to become a better person.

    My pet chipmunk - He really makes me happy when I see him. He lives in our backyard and we feed him peanuts....I love to pet him :)

    Movies - Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do! I'm always up for a movie.

    Traveling - I have a strong compulsion to see the world, and I know I will one day. Nothing excites me more than exploring a new area, city, country... I want to travel the world.