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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wilting Daisy

"Send me here,
Send me there,
Pick me up when I tell you,
No, it must be you!"

"Can I borrow your phone?
Can I sleep in your room?
Haven't you heard of sharing?
Something's wrong with you!"

"What's mine is mine,
What's yours is mine too.
Your time is mine,
Don't you dare make plans!"

"You must be stupid,
Why are you picking a fight?
That's just stupid,
Why can't you understand me?"

I can't run away
I have nowhere to go
Only one understood
But now I face it alone.

Whatever said, I must obey
Whenever called, I must come
However tired, I must attend
Don't get a life, just serve and serve.

My spirits dampen, I cannot soar
I live to be crushed and put down
Only good when I'm needed
Yelled at when I say "no".

I feel like pulling my hair out
I'm eating myself up inside
Words I speak bear no meaning
Heard only to be twisted and distorted.

Annoyed, frustrated, pushed to the edge
Still I cannot stand up and fight back
Fear of awakening yet another
One who cannot be controlled.

When I speak, I utter words
My advice only to be dismissed
Only to be used against me
In times to come.

I have no say
All I do is wrong
Why do I still live?
When my soul is clearly shattered.

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