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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beautiful dreams...

Wow. Just realized that I was starting a post before I got cut off. Only managed to insert the title. LOL! Was wondering why one of the items under 'Edit Post' didn't have an option to view. Hehe.

Fortunately when I saw the post title I still remembered what the post was supposed to be about. I had a beautiful dream a couple nights back. I wish I could have a dream similar to that every night. My mummy was in my dream. It was so nice. I'm pretty 'conscious' when I'm in a dream and I have no need to pinch myself to check if I'm in a dream or in the real world. It was so nice to be with my mummy. To hear her voice, hear her laugh and talk to me, hold her hand and see her smile. At one point in the dream I'd even wanted to record her voice, our conversations so I can hear her voice anytime I wanted. Not that I could export those recordings - if made - out of my dreams. *haha*

It really was nice to be able to see her, and chat with her like we used to. Dreams, my brief moments of happiness.


  1. That's a beautiful dream about your mum...
    I've tagged you for the Happy 101 Award.
    Here's my link:

  2. Okies. Thanks. I'll pass it on. :)