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Monday, May 24, 2010

No More Boredom... Please?

Was so excited to meet up with an old classmate last Thursday.  She was in town for a week on work vacation.  Another classmate of ours who works in 1Borneo set up the whole thing which was awesome.  It was nice to sit and chat over dinner.  Really nice catching up.  I was getting my glasses upgraded (new prescriptions) so it worked out pretty well.

Last Friday only myself, one of my brothers and the maid were left home (til Sunday afternoon).  I initially thought that it would be great to finally get some peace and quiet around the house and get some overdue things done once and for all.

Wow.  Was I wrong.  Started out Friday night with a trip to 1Borneo to accompany my brother.  Well there wasn't much of the night left when we roamed there (8pm).  Anyways, headed home and I spent the entire night catching up on Glee episodes.  LOL!!  Talk about being "productive".

Side Note: I do love Rachel and Jesse together even though Jesse was there to kinda seduce Rachel under her mum's instructions.  He is kinda falling for her and OMG his voice is much better than Finn's and he knows what he wants where as Finn is like the grass in the wind if you catch my drift.

Last Saturday by far was the MOST unproductive day in my entire life.  And I was bored to looney-ville.  I thought about going out but I had nowhere to go or at least no where I wanted to go.  Anyways, was waiting for my BFF to drop by after work that afternoon.  I was practically restless.  Watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and Clueless on HBO HD and sometime after that I fell asleep and woke up to Giuliana & Bill on E! (I think).

That night was apparently the final concert for Akademi Fantasia 8 and I basically missed the entire season altogether.  LOL!!  My mum and I used to follow the show religiously in the past but the appeal has pretty much simmered down and I've personally lost interest.  Good thing the maid brought it to my attention that the final concert was gonna be on.  I'm impressed with Adira's performance of her song "Ku Ada Kamu" not because she was a Sabahan but because when she sang that song, it gave me a tingly feeling (you know the kind when someone sings a song really well with enough passion and soul). Check out below for the music video for her song and see for yourself.

Adira AF8 - Ku Ada Kamu
Courtesy of perekacerita's YouTube channel

I was tweeting about the concert the entire night and commenting on each performance giving my honest unbiased opinion.  I knew Adira would not be crowned the winner but what's important was she gave the best performance that night that it didn't even matter if she came in 1st or 2nd.  Anyways, with Shahir's good looks, and a gazillion female voters, it was clearly obvious who would win the votes.  I do think that Maulana did a better job than Shahir though.  Anyways, you can read my comments from that night on my Twitter.

So yea.  That was my Saturday night.  Haha.  Beyond a doubt boring and I was extremely restless to get out of the house (but didn't).  I didn't feel like doing anything else except go out too else I would've been able to do some clearing up or something at home.  Geez.  I hope I won't be facing that kinda day again ever.

Sunday (today), I got up earlier and got ready to go out.  Haha.  I'm so weird.  Since we were planning to watch Robin Hood at night, I went off to Centre Point to get us tickets.  It's always best to get tickets for the night earlier in the day.  More seat choices.  Anyways, I decided to wear a simple short knit dress (camisole underneath to cover up some cleavage. LOL!) and a matching waisted belt and paired that with a simple faux gold charm bracelet, my dual tone diamante dial Fossil watch and a pair of nude/black peep toe heels (my fave!).  I like to not just dress up but play around with make up on Sundays (or on holidays in general) since I don't get a lot of opportunities for that when I'm at work.  It just feels weird to be all dolled up at work somehow.  Maybe it's cos I work in an engineering/telecommunication based industry?  Makes me kinda wished I worked for a fashion or beauty magazine.  *sigh*  Or maybe I should start one?  Now there's a thought.  So nothing fancy, I had on BB cream as my foundation, did my brows, lined my upper lashline with a bit of a wing, mascara, coral blush, raspberry lipsticks and warmed my face with a bronzer.  Sounds like a lot but it's a simple look really.

Anyways, oddly enough I have no idea why there was this girl walking pass me and she kept staring at me (either it was my waisted belt or my non-flat stomach).  Then I also noticed a few other heads turning my way which I find to be rather uncomfortable.  I wasn't even decked to the nines or anything like that.  Heck, I even kept my hair straight (just used a volumizing mousse to the roots for a bit of lift).  After getting the tickets and Yoyo, I headed home.  Since I still had time before the airport pick up, I rushed to film a long planned collective haul and product review for my beauty blog.  Was planning to use my Canon camera to film but the video function didn't have auto focus which was a bummer.  It's great for vlogging though.  So I had to use the JVC camcorder which works great and had a flip screen so I could see myself too.  I love using the JVC.  Problem is it records into .mod files which isn't compatible with most video editing softwares (like Movie Maker, iMovie, Adobe Premier, etc).  It's supposed to work with Cyberlink's Power Director but I don't really like using that particular software.  After some trial and error in converting the files perfectly with FormatFactory, I managed to get it in .avi which has better compatibility.  Gonna be editing the footage soon.

So for Robin Hood, I was surprised that I actually liked it really.  I'm not a big fan of Russell Crowe or his works.  And wasn't too excited with him being cast as Robin.  Fortunately, he did an amazing job as Robin and the movie was a great introduction to how Robin Hood came to be.  Somehow every time I think about Robin Hood, I am reminded of the comedy version of it, "Men In Tights".  If you've never seen it, I'd seriously suggest that you do.  Hilarious.

Oh and yes, my office laptop is finally being switched to a new (actually 2nd hand) one.  Bye bye Dell, hello Lenovo.  The Lenovo was distributed in the company only a few months back so I have absolutely no idea how it became so disgusting.  Or maybe that's just me.  I cleaned the monitor, keyboard, chassis (including all the nooks and crannys) and disinfected it with some alcohol that my supervisor says smells like his lecturer's perfume.  No the alcohol didn't harm the laptop.  Now just to transfer my files and update my Outlook with my Archive folders.

Hopefully tomorrow I get to carry all my stuff from the office in the city to the other office that I'm moving to.  I love how I feel my colleagues there are like family.  Makes going to work less stressful and me more productive.


  1. Adira's pretty good!!! I've never followed AF before but I keep hearing about it... I find the song sort of uplifting... :)

  2. hi babe! hmm. it seems tht im following you not only on your twitter but your blog too. not a stalker, i swear! can relate to your saturday, i have some days when im absolutely bored out of my skull with nothing to do its so depressing i feel like a caged monkey in the house. :P we'll catch up when i go back to KK ya? or maybe if ur in KL just holla, maybe we can do drinks :)

    take care, be strong always. xx

  3. Nessa: I only watched the final concert of AF and absolutely nothing before that. LOL! But the song is pretty good and she sings it well. Don't you think she kinda looks and feels like Rossa in that song?

    Nur: Haha. Online stalker. LOL! No prob. I tweet what I feel, I blog what I feel. That's what it's there for right? To be read? Hehe. Amazingly bored. Haven't had one of those days in a while and can't say I'll miss 'em. Sure thing. Lemme know when you're back (tweet tweet or text me). Dunno when I'll be in KL. No plans in the near future yet tho. :)