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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 5: Your Favorite Quote

Okies.  For my Day 5 post, I'm supposed to write about my favorite quote.  This will require some extra thinking since off the top of my head I can't really recall any particular quote deemed a favorite of mine.  I know usually when I do hear or read it it'll totally hit me to be a quote that I love.  Let's see.

I've lived by this quote for the longest time.  I believe that if you don't like other people to do something to you or to act a certain way towards you, then you should keep in mind to not do those things or act that way towards other people as well.  It's a very simple concept but is very very important to practice in my opinion.

Another one that I've come to believe and have been proven true time and time again is that everything happens for a reason and usually when you're faced with a sad event, adversity, problems and generally depressing things, when you feel like your world has gone gloomy and you can't ever imagine the days will get better and everything will be OK, just keep pushing through and something good will await.  In a way it's saying don't give up hope and faith and just keep at it.

So yea, those are my I suppose top 2 quotes that I live by.  What's yours?

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